The influential American artist Brian Calvin is teaming up with AllRightsReserved
to take his artwork to the next level in the idea of making a home collectible,
presenting 《MEET Brian Calvin PROJECT 》 for his first-ever limited-edition bronze sculpture 《 Plant Life 》 , continuing to embrace abstraction in his pictorial style.

Explore an intimate moment reflecting on flat, cropped close-ups of femininity
Back in the 1990s, Brian Calvin began developing a figurative, non-narrative, pictorial style. Landscapes and portraits steeped in his Californian roots dominated this work. Close-up treatment of subjects, highly composed structures, as well as luminous colors laid flat endow these large-scale paintings with a strange temporality. In observing his technique of pictorial economy, one gradually comes to see a type of abstraction in his representation of certain details. They reveal, even greater still, the true finality of his work, reaffirming the primacy of a visual reflection on painting itself and its possibilities. Calvin prefers to experience abstraction through the creation and tending of images in which painting provides the medium. Tightly cropped to fill the composition, his works always steals the viewer’s gaze with their cartoonishly large eyes, heart-shaped face, and slightly parted lips suspending us in a moment of

《MEET Brian Calvin PROJECTreflects the times with partially framed human forms
Portraits with close-up treatment of subjects and luminous colors steeped in his roots dominated the works in collaboration with AllRightsReserved. “Art reflects the time in which it is made, either directly or indirectly. I like the challenge of constructing a unique figure or a person. Often just started with an eye or a mouth without thinking about the gender, I would agree that my works seem to be more feminine. I like the idea of creating a home collectible like a plant, yet it is also something else,” Calvin explained.

Limited-edition sculpture of《Plant Life》released today
Drawing for purchase now available on DDT Store

The release is now open for drawing globally on DDT Store in a limited edition of 40 until 12am (EDT), 15 March 2021. It is priced at USD 2,500 | HKD 19,625. Signed and numbered. Packaged in wooden box. For a chance to purchase, please enter the draw on now. Successful entrants will be notified via email by 15 March. Shipping begins from End of March 2021. Subject to delay due to COVID-19.

Material: Bronze
Dimensions: H365 x W155 x D70 mm
Edition of 40
Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
Packaged in wooden box
Price: USD 2,500 | HKD 19,625

《MEET Brian Calvin PROJECT》Draw Registration Period:
Date and time:
10 Mar 10pm – 15 Mar 12am (EDT)
11 Mar 11am – 15 Mar 12pm (HKT)

Global website for drawing:

DDT Store

*Enter the draw now on for a chance to purchase one
《Plant Life》.

*Successful entrants will be notified via email by 15 Mar.

*Please notify your financial institution in advance in order to confirm you
have sufficient credit to enter the draw.

*Shipping begins from End of March 2021. Subject to delay due to COVID-19.