Part of the Skin Care+ range, this product has been formulated specifically to provide targeted and sustained vitamin-enhanced hydration to the delicate eye area.

Suited to most skin types, including sensitive—and ideal for mature skin—Exalted Eye Serum is lightweight and rapidly absorbed with a soft, non-greasy finish.

The area around the eyes is unique. Exceptionally thin and consequently fragile, it requires focused, nuanced care. Due to its notable lack of natural oil production, the skin around the eyes is often dehydrated. This commonly manifests as dull, patchy skin—the severity of which is influenced by fatigue, age, seasonal allergies, and time spent in dehydrating environments such as offices or airplanes.

To counter this, Exalted Eye Serum replenishes and fortifies the skin with generous doses of vitamins. This concentrated blend of Vitamins B3, B5, C and E nourishes, bolsters and balances the skin surrounding the eyes, supporting its optimum health and helping to even its appearance. High-performing humectants including Panthenol and Sodium Carrageenan promote moisture retention within the skin to serve Exalted Eye Serum’s primary purpose: targeted and sustained hydration. Further elevating the formulation’s efficacy, Pelvetia

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