Globally renowned make-up artist ZING makes his debut as a jewellery designer with the vintage chic ARTĒ x ZING A to Z Collection that unites ARTĒ meticulous craftsmanship and ZING trendsetting aesthetics.

Well known as the make-up artist of Faye Wong, Sammi Cheng, Shu Qi and many superstars, ZING’s edgy and imaginative work-of-arts are showcased in pop concerts and magazine covers. Exceptional craftsmanship of ARTĒ Madrid and visionary aesthetic senses of ZING is a match made in heaven. The collection features rare and charismatic designs that beam with individuality.

ZING believes both jewellery and make-up are wonderful ways to express individuality. Contemporary fashion jewellery masterpieces ARTĒ x ZING A to Z Collection is based on Victorian and Gothic style and infused with arts elements. ZING says enthusiastically, “Vintage accessories, badge, brooch, especially those of Victorian era and medieval design are my favorite overseas travel mementos. The fundamental concept of ARTĒ x ZING A to Z Collection is to endow wearer with majesty and confidence of a ruling monarch. I feel privileged to collaborate with ARTĒ that pays attention to the smallest details such as inlay techniques, polish and comfort found exclusively in classic luxury jewellery.”

Our own editor, Vivien Wong has the honour to meet up with Zing face to face to find out more about his inspiration and the collection.

“The easiest part of this collection, is the ability to fantasise without boundaries.  But you also need to realise boundaries are necessary to be creative too.  There are things that you want to do, but in reality, it may not be possible from the standpoint of the manufacturer.” – Zing

For full interview, stay tuned for our upcoming magazine issue 17

ARTĒ x ZING A to Z Collection accentuates the power of femininity through symbols of achievements (medal), authority (crown) and strength (cross), salutes to transformation and freedom with fascinating butterfly, accompanied by galaxy-inspired and unisex designs… it’s uniquely ZING.

ARTĒ x ZING A to Z Collection is now available in ARTĒ boutique.  For more information and store location, please go to

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