Cristóbal Balenciaga founded the Balenciaga House in Spain in 1917, settling in Paris on 10 Avenue George V, in 1937. Ever since, he was considered the master of Haute Couture.

In July 2020, 52 years after its founder closed the house, Balenciaga will reintroduce its Haute Couture collections.

 “Haute Couture is the very foundation of this House,” says Demna Gvasalia, “so it is my creative and visionary duty to bring Couture back to Balenciaga. For me, Couture is an unexplored mode of creative freedom and a platform for innovation. It not only offers another spectrum of possibilities in dressmaking, it also brings the modern vision of Balenciaga back to its sources of origin. Couture is above trends. It’s an expression of beauty on the highest aesthetic and qualitative levels.”

Cedric Charbit, President and CEO of Balenciaga, added, “It’s an honor to bring back the Haute Couture to the House, highlighting the heritage of Cristóbal Balenciaga. This project was possible due to the success of the creative vision of Demna Gvasalia as well as the exceptional results of Balenciaga these past few years.” He continued, “Establishing a dedicated team and atelier replicating the original salons at the historical address 10 Avenue George V represents a strategic step in further expansions. Coming back to the Haute Couture that was left off by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1968 links the House’s past, present, and future.”

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