Continuing the legend of the sold out Balenciaga speed trainer, the Triple S has been one of the must-have items for sneakerheads and Hype Beasts of the year. Now, the fashion house has teamed up with high fashion company and multi-brand retailer Dover Street Market London designing a brand new colorway for the brand’s devotees as part of the Copyshop pop-up event.

The new colorway sports a white, black, yellow combo and blue inner sole with shoe size embroidered on the toe with white stripe shoelaces, giving it a fresh look. The Triple S with its vintage worn-in aesthetic is layered from three different sports, including running, basketball, and track and field, all stacked on top of one another into its three-layers to create the unmistakable bulky sole.

In the Copyshop, visitors will also be able to design their own T-shirts by accessing a library of Balenciaga graphics and logos via computer touch-screens and get them printed instantly. The personalized T-shirts are unisex available in white, grey, black and red and two alternative fits. This is another luxury fashion house moving a step forward to customer personalization and we believe this trend of personalized fashion items are here to stay.

The Balenciaga Copyshop will open its doors at Dover Street Market London on November 30 and will end on December 17, while the Balenciaga Triple S DSM Exclusive Sneaker will launch in-store only at DMS London on November 30, queuing will start at 09:00 UK Local Time. If you don’t have time, you might as well gamble with your luck on DMS London’s e-commerce store’s online raffle. Winning raffle entrants will be randomly selected and notified via email on Monday 27th November. These kicks are so exclusive that they are bound to sell off the shelf so act quickly before it’s too late!

Photo Credit: Balenciaga Copyshop DSM London.