As the true herbal cosmetics brand with genuineness for skin, “belif” will unveil essence and cream following the highly enriched herbal water “Ritual time-honored tincture of chamomile” as a luxurious radiance anti-aging line.

Belif’s “Ritual time-honored tincture of chamomile” is herbal water formulated with the pure extracts of chamomile and heather honey taken by an upgraded tincture extracting technology unique to belif. Chamomile Mel-tincture™ (96.9%) consisting of extracts from chamomile whose solid vitality revives even withered surrounding plants and active ingredients of precious heather honey of Scotland has been proven to enhance radiance and skin texture*.

*Results of a test on human body by Global Medical Research Center involving 21 adult women
Radiance enhancement: 24-25 July 2019
Skin texture improvement: 24 July – 22 August 2019

*Results of a test on human body by Global Medical Research Center involving 22 adult womenSkin damage alleviation & Radiance enhancement: 5 – 20 August 2019

Based on robust product competitiveness, “Ritual time-honored tincture of chamomile,” which has been loved since its release in November, is now grown as a line. Two more types will be released in the line: “Ritual time-honored tincture of chamomile essence” with enriched formulation for rich nutrition and resilience, and “Ritual time-honored tincture of chamomile cream” for skin restoration and lasting radiance** to provide intensive care for rough, dry skin, making it healthy and radiant when used in a three-stage step.

Heritage ingredients

Egyptian Chamomile – Known to be good for dry skin and has anti- inflammatory effect and helps with soothing skin
Scotland Heather Honey – Superior antibacterial activity
Italian Balsamic Vinegar – high antioxidant properties

Time-Honored Extraction Method

belif’s unique Chamomile Mel-tinctureTM extraction method, using honey as a solvent, has long been used for medical purpose

Anti-stress using the original unique fragrance of herbs

Anti-stress aromatherapy effect with 100% herb fragrance – Rosemary and Line

Let’s treat dull, lusterless skin with the radiance anti-aging care using the three-stage step of “Ritual time-honored tincture.”

Ritual time-honored tincture of chamomile                             $350/75ml

A 96.9% chamomile mel-tincture that contains the chamomile herb known as a symbol of vitality and the spirit of rare heather honey, it is an anti-aging product that gives your skin a radiant glow. The Tincture of Chamomile, which has been proven to improve the appearance and texture of multi-angle radiance from human application tests, enables you to experience dazzling radiance and smooth texture changes.

Ritual time-honored Tincture of chamomile essence                           $1,090/ 50ml

A richly textured essence with Chamomile Mel-Tincture ™ gives your skin a rich nutrition and firmness. It wraps around your skin smoothly as if you were wearing silk, keeping your skin moisturized, leaving your skin supple and shiny.

Ritual time-honored Tincture of chamomile cream                               $1,020/ 50ml

A soft cream with Chamomile Mel-Tincture to improve the skin barrier and gives a radiant glow. As you roll, it gently spreads over your skin, giving it a firm firmness and radiant glow.

belif Address:

4/F, Facesss, Times Square, Causeway Bay (2110 0131)  
Level 2, Beauty Avenue, Mongkok ( 3903 8951)
1/F, Yata Dempartment Store, Shatin ( 3621 0492)
L2-19, 2/F, V Walk, Nam Cheong Station  ( 2110 2141)

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