Kristina shares some alternative ideas on how to redirect the high you get from shopping into something that gives you even more satisfaction.

 What’s wrong with buying things, you might ask. If you are reading this article chances are that you have a lot of things and you are interested in purchasing less or buy better. Maybe you are among the enlightened ones who managed to control their fashion addiction, but you have a little impulse to get this pleasant feeling after a new purchase. you’re not the only one. Read on.

Let’s start off with some good news – When we buy things we need, we should aim to purchase those that were produced ethically in the environmentally friendly way. This would be the best option. The problem is, how often do we manage to tick all the “natural and sustainable “boxes given the choice (or lack of choice)? Let’s be honest, for many of us, not too often.

I invite you to explore why we buy things we don’t need, and what are the alternatives which feel really good both in short and long terms and are easy on the environment.

It all started long back, when the industrial revolution allowed manufacturers to produce more, then people could actually consume. What to do? The solution was easy – convince people through advertising, marketing, a new social norm that they actually need all these things. They want and need them badly, and they need them now. With the resources available it wasn’t challenging to tap into human nature and connect our need for affection, self-esteem and self-actualisation with the things we can and buy, the brands we wear and the number of shoes/bags, jewellery we own.

In 2018 it is easier than ever to fall into this trap, with years of promoting the culture of consumption and a unique touch modern technologies add to it, it is challenging to resist superficial validation and instant gratification! And there are almost more and more things to buy, with mobile advertising and endless production supply there are always a “more and better” to purchase. You can’t win this game, satisfaction last mere minutes, whereas the dissatisfaction is ever ending.

And here comes good news – it is easy to resist consumption when you have all the right tools – knowledge. Buying things you don’t need and sometimes can’t afford, leaves you unhappy and miserable, our planet polluted and people who produced these good often in dreadful condition. And you have the power to exit the circle feeling happier, healthier and richer.

What makes us happy and happy which lasts – our connections, people around us. Our friends, family, and let’s not forget the community. Community service is a powerful tool to increase happiness and your health, through meeting your higher needs.

Don’t feel altruistic? No problem, sharing a good conversation over tea or a meal with someone you love and care for – is priceless.

Hobbies are powerful tools to make us happy, connect with people we share the same interests with and bring us long-lasting satisfaction. Dancing, anyone?

Still feel like you are up for something with a lasting effect on your health which is immediate and pleasant? What about a massage or facial? It can help you to relax your mind and body. Extra advantages: it doesn’t require much work or additional preparation from you, just come and let a masseur give the best out of your one hour time.

Do you feel like you still want a touch of luxury which will have a long-lasting effect on your happiness and health? We have a perfect solution for you – couple’s massage with a loved one in the Levo Spa. Magnificent interior. Skilful therapists. Enter into an environment of relaxation and care for your wellbeing. Levo Spa offers out of this world couple’s room, where you can feel so special and lucky, the gorgeous smile will sit on your face long after you leave the room. All oils used during massage are organic, which improves your relaxation, skin elasticity without any adverse effect on you or the environment. The spa environment and couple’s massage will leave you feeling like after a luxurious weekend getaway, without actually boarding the plane and the expenses involved. Trust us, visit Levo Spa for a couple’s massage will leave you feeling, happier, healthier, connected to you and your loved one.

Not a couple? Not a massage person? Are you into safe freedom? Sounds funny, and intriguing, isn’t it? In Hong Kong, we are blessed with almost year-long access to the water sports activities. Some of them are demanding on your body and wallet, like for example yacht sports, while others might just be not your cup of tea, like kayaking for me. But what about “ stand up and paddle’? Fun, easy and incredibly affordable can leave a lasting smile on your face and a pleasant sensation in your body. Most of the Lantau Beaches offer SUP for rent, at the fee as low as 100 HKD per hour at Long Coast Seaports. Our personal favourite – Lower Cheung Sha Beach. Full of cafes and water activities outlet, and just stunning views. For extra effect take a day off work and come during the week and get the beach almost to yourself. Say yes, to fun, liberating and environmentally friendly activities!

Not into sports, couple’s thing and indeed on a budget? Invite a friend or colleague to discover spectacular Central and Western District promenade. Windy walk, stunning views of Hong Kong skyline and a good chat or a meditation on the grassy lawn… After all, the best things in life are for free!

So now, ones you know that it’s people and experiences of learning, sharing, genuinely enjoying, which makes us happier and healthier, please wait no longer to change your life for the better.

Comment, what is your favourite activity which makes you happy?

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Find out more about Kristina Pavchenko – is the founder of FFiles; read ‘new-in-town’ entrepreneur stories here. 

*images via unsplash.