Astronomical Mascara

Byredo adds a new chapter to the brand’s celebration of intense black lashes: a high-performance volumising, curling and thickening mascara, designed for drama.

With meticulously manufactured silicone bristles, a curved application wand and an
innovative, long-lasting formulation, Astronomical Mascara has been created to give
lashes precise new dimension with a single stroke – or, with its buildable effect, XXL
volumising impact. Entirely vegan, and with 91% natural ingredients, it is the cleanest Byredo mascara yet. As ever with Byredo’s mascara range, you can choose any colour – as long as it’s black.

Astronomical Mascara is debuted through a campaign lensed by cult photographer
Hugo Comte, starring renowned musician Arca. Celebrated globally for her genre-defying creativity, transgressive soundscapes and expansive, self-defining
performances, Arca embodies the Byredo approach to beauty: autonomous,
experimental, and proudly individual.

“Byredo beauty is as different to the norm as our approach to scent,” notes Ben
Gorham. ”As I started to really look at the beauty world I found much of it
conservative and conventional. Ultimately, beauty is subjective – and Byredo Makeup reflects that. I wanted to create a sense of freedom in the way we communicate the products. Arca is the zeitgeist, and she represents modernity. We love her, and we love the clarity of Hugo’s images, so we thought they were the perfect combination to create some beautiful portraits together.”

Suspended within a neon green iteration of Byredo’s totemic, ergonomic case,
Astronomical Mascara presents a new addition to the brand’s make-up offering which speaks to its core values: high-performance, expressive, and instinctively desirable. XXL impact across the board.

18 Colour Palette Flora Kalahari

This season, Byredo presents a second iteration of the brand’s 18 Colour Palette: a
limited-edition array of radiant, earthen shades arranged in a disrupted series to
inspire instinctive rather than prescriptive application.

With a name that situates the Roman goddess of flowers within the South African
desert, Flora Kalahari draws on the imagined hues of an otherworldly desertscape to
create an apocalyptic harmony – from a shimmering copper sandstorm to a barren
burnt umber; a delicate desert rose to an intense, sparkling calcite. Luminous warmth pervades, with each glide-on, lightweight shade formulated to be highly buildable and blendable for endless expressions.

That vision is further animated through a campaign photographed by Elizaveta
Porodina, which depicts Flora herself amidst the dunes, seen through a picturesque
lens of surreality.

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