The Calioo mobile app is Hong Kong’s first and only one-stop platform for customers to discover craft and specialty foods made by small shops and local vendors. Calioo proudly presents their second pop-up – CALIOO CARNIVAL. Bringing to you a food market with a fun twist from 27th May – 30th May 2021.

CALIOO CARNIVAL will be hosted at Percival Street in Causeway Bay, the spacious venue will be festooned with decorations that will surely make you feel as if you were in an actual carnival! Apart from the increased number of over 40 vendors, there will be also game booths such as Bottle Ring Toss, Boozy Cups, Hit the Rainbow, Knock the Cans and Crazy Clown etc. Expect a lot of shopping, good food, fun carnival games and great prizes here at CALIOO CARNIVAL. Like last time, the pop-up will also be free entry, all you have to do is register your spots on the website before visiting.

Calioo was created in hopes of bringing together the love of people for food and the story behind each food creation, allowing customers to know more about the food and beverages industry. The purpose of the pop-up market is to boost interaction between vendors on the app and the public, so that vendors could share their passion as well as inspiration behind each creation through introducing their brand and products to customers.

Local vendors of all kinds are already selling on the Calioo app with over 400 brands, ranging from assorted pastries such as homemade New York cheesecakes and bread, to Hong Kong local street food, and even craft dumplings as well as sauces made from home recipes! Calioo has also recruited vendors that sell health-conscious food options such as vegetarian / vegan products and sauces, not to mention keto products, so that all customers’ needs could be catered to and customers could shop according to their own dietary needs.

Featured food vendors and the story behind their creations

Explicit Spices (@explicitspices)

Explicit Spices comes from passionate founder Terry, who created the hot chili oil brand in an effort to restart his life. After working in the design sector for over a decade, and experiencing many business failures and disappointments along the way that left him with significant losses at the end, he sought a completely new start in the food & beverage industry. He decided to venture into chili oil, with the goal of expanding Hong Kong chili oil across international borders, and helping Hong Kong to become a more recognized and respected chili oil producer.All of the raw ingredients he uses at Explicit Spices are sourced locally within Hong Kong, with his unique specialty being the Sakura shrimp that he infuses into all of his chili oils to give each bite a more unique umami taste with strong shrimpy flavour.

Explicit Spices will be selling their 3 signature chili oils at the CALIOO CARNIVAL food market:

Mild Hot Sakura Shrimp Chili Oil (featuring under 25,000 of Capricorn annuum and red hot chili pepper for an unmistakeable spice without a burning sensation)

Normal Hot Sakura Shrimp Chili Oil (featuring 100,000-250,000 of three different types of capsicum annuum to release a toasted nutty flavour)

Extra Hot Sakura Shrimp Chili Oil (featuring 1,000,000 of Yunnan Shu Pepper which is the 2nd spiciest chili pepper in the world, for the ultimate spicy challenge and burning sensation)      

Lazy Bread (@lazybread_hk)

Lazy Bread was founded in 2020 by Korean -native Liz, who aims to bring Korean-inspired flavour profiles to the Hong Kong baked goods scene. Previously a cabin crew attendant for Hong Kong Airlines, Liz decided to embark on a completely new journey and transform her personal hobby in baking into a full-time business, expanding her beloved desserts beyond just her small network of friends and family to all of Hong Kong. She noticed the popularity of cookies in Hong Kong and decided to add her twist by incorporating specialty flavours that are popular in Korea, such as red velvet, cream cheese, corn, black sesame, and soybean powder. She will be debuting a new, exclusive flavour at the CALIOO CARNIVAL – Corn Cream Cheese! Liz envisions one day having her own storefront bakery to sell all of Lazy Bread’s delicious treats, inspired by flavours throughout Asia.

Soulgood (@soulgood.bakery)

Soulgood is a new brand concept in Hong Kong, born during the ‘COVID era’. Founder Anjay wanted to develop a side business that aligned to her own personal mission of “making people feel ‘good soul.’” From this desire, Soulgood Bakery was born! Her burnt lava cheesecakes ‘erupted’ on Instagram and have been delighting the taste buds of customers throughout Hong Kong. She adds a personal touch with a handwritten thank you card with every order, to make the recipient “feel warm inside”, just like her cheesecakes.

Soulgood will be offering 3 different cheesecake sets at the market this time, each with a different twist:

Soul-hot (classic original, iron goddess / tieguanyin tea, and matcha flavours)

Soul-pop (Calioo Exclusive CBD, oreo, and matcha flavours)

Soul-love (all 5 flavours: classic original, iron goddess / tieguanyin tea, matcha, Calioo exclusive CBD, and oreo)

Cake Bae (

Cake Bae comes from founder Ann Madrazo, whose mission is to bring freshly baked, honest-to-goodness cakes and sweet delights to everyone in Hong Kong. Her baked desserts are the result of a combined 15+ years of living in Hong Kong and the experiences she gained working in the entertainment and culinary industries.

She was particularly inspired by French cuisine, and started making French desserts like crème brulee for her friends and family, and infused her desserts with Filipino flavours from her upbringing. From there, Cake Bae grew via word-of-mouth, and Ann’s cakes can now be found at many special occasions and parties around the city! She also runs a baking and cake decorating class to help teach kids and adults different baking techniques, making it the perfect activity for a corporate event or kid’s birthday party. At CALIOO CARNIVAL food market, Cake Bae will be premiering one of their signature new items, Fudgy Brownies decorated with Rose Petals

Twinkie Cookies (@twinkie.cookies)

Twinkie Cookies, better known as ‘The Pioneer of Mochi Cookies’ was founded by homegrown pastry chef Chloe, who developed and cultivated her culinary expertise at popular French patisseries like Paul Lafayet and Tony Wong. Chloe is an innovative pastry chef who is always looking to invent new flavours and concepts, taking inspiration from desserts that she tries all over the world, including Japan and Korea. In particular, she likes discovering new drinks and transforming them into a cookie (e.g., Thai Milk Tea).

Twinkie Cookie’s signature mochi cookies debuted last year, and have gained huge popularity throughout Hong Kong, with their best-selling flavours being Matcha and Hojicha. Their newest product concept, a Matcha Terrine, that takes the shape of a traditional pate, but is made up of a rich matcha and chocolate combination. Twinkie Cookies will be selling this matcha terrine at the CALIOO CARNIVAL, as well as a Calioo exclusive Salted Caramel Popcorn Flavoured Cookie, in addition to their regular menu items.

Carnival Game Booths

What is a carnival without game booths? To recreate the feeling of actually being in a carnival, Calioo has arranged 5 games booths to be set up in the venue, for you play around with and win prizes whilst waiting for your stomache to free up some space for your next munch! The games are suitable for people from all walks of life, be it family parent-children bonding activity, lovebirds’ romantic date nights or a night out with friends

The 5 game booths include:
Boozy Cups
Knock the Cans
Bottle Ring Toss
Hit the Rainbow
Crazy Clown

Convenient and user-friendly

All products are baked fresh and made-to-order. Simply download the Calioo app, browse and select the products you would like, then place the order. The app is simple and easy to use, just follow the procedures below and start shopping!

Download the Calioo app
Browse and select the products you like, then place the order
After the order is placed, you can choose to pick up the product on your own at designated pick-up points or have it delivered to your doorstep

About Calioo | Small Shops. Big Cravings.

At Calioo, we believe that when we lift small businesses, we can lift entire communities. Small businesses are leading creativity and innovation in the food industry, and these are talents we believe should be empowered. It is with this mission in mind that we created Calioo, a platform enabling independent chefs and food entrepreneurs to transform their creative passions into opportunities. Since its founding in 2020 September, Calioo has introduced 400+ merchants to Hong Kong’s food scene.

On the Calioo mobile app, we connect sellers with customers seamlessly, with your choice of pick-up or delivery. Our expansive fresh baked goods offering delights the dessert lovers, while our savoury treats keep foodies coming back.



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