THE CREAM – COMPLETE AGE-DEFYING CARE FOR RADIANCE is the result of seven years’ research on fermented Pu’er tea, featuring powerful new extracts in a very high concentration. THE CREAM is the new care product for demanding customers based on research in uncompromising, premium care.

Created using Pu’er tea, an exceptional ferment for life, by LVMH Research, CHA LING THE CREAM takes us to a beneficial world in which nature, authenticity and well-being envelop the skin in positive energy, where sustainable, eco-friendly luxury products are now reality. Introducing CHA LING THE CREAM for women: a generous cream combining performance and effectiveness, giving your skin a new lease of life, a bright, revitalised complexion that glows from within. For your skin to relive without paying heed to ageing for a long time.

As a hallmark of CHA LING’s commitment to sustainable development, THE CREAM comes in a stunningly beautiful, hand-made ceramic jar. Each element is unique and painted with fine gold. Infinitely rechargeable and reusable, it is the ultimate expression of sustainable, eco-friendly luxury.

To make THE CREAM, CHA LING has selected this extraordinary fermented tea, certified organic, rich in detoxifying molecules, which are the ultimate expression of the vital power of Pu’er tea. It has lef to the development of new, ground-breaking, restructing technology, the P12 complex, for enhanced action on the skin. The P12 Complex combines eight polyphenols from the extraordinary ferment for life that is fermented Pu’er tea, with four polyphenols from horse-chestnut flowers, to beat off old age and make your complexion glow, creating new energy at each layer of skin.

Combined with the P12 complex, all the active ingredients in THE CREAM help to restore energy to the skin, boosting the mechanisms to preserve youthfulness, for the all-round, age-defying benefit of a bright complexion.

Assessments using a scoring system by dermatologists and consumer panels have helped us to confirm all benefits of THE CREAM. Starting with the very first application, the appearance and brightness of the skin are visibly improved, it looks smoother and is more resistant. Day after day, signs of youthfulness are awoken; the skin looks firmer, suppler and denser. The complexion brightens up and reveals a beautiful radiance.

The outcome of an environmental concern and a new hallmark of CHA LING’s commitment to sustainability, THE CREAM is packaged in a beautiful, rechargeable porcelain jar, hand-made from start to finish. Each piece is inspected, for perfection rhymes with excellence, and each jar is a precious container, infinitely rechargeable.

Taking a holistic approach to beauty, CHA LING products (eco-friendly cosmetics designed using Pu’er tea) are best used with tools and methods inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. After the Gua Sha (the iconic face massage tool) and the Ba Guan (body-draining suction cup), CHA LING has now developed a new, age-defying beauty ally, inspired by Ridoki.

This instrument is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to massage the face and body, aiming to improve circulation and the flow of energy while also restoring a supple, firm skin. CHA LING reinterprets Ridoki, conferring a beauty dimension, to make a neat sculpting tool for the face.

The CHA LING Face Modelling Tool restores your skin’s suppleness and elasticity while firming it up and redefining face contours.

Using a specific technique developed by CHA LING and a zinc roller with 120 bristles, the CHA LING Face Modelling Tool massages face muscles by way of micro-stimulations, thus firming up, densifying and smoothing the skin.

Result: your skin looks softer, more youthful and well-restructured, with the face contours redefined.

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