Just as we are getting comfortable using our (growing) collection of Charlotte Tilbury, there are two new life-changing products that will enhance your skin to the next level. From the very beginning of her career, before amazing makeup, Charlotte Tilbury was known for amazing skin! Believing that you can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas, Charlotte understands the importance and confidence-boosting mentality of a flawless looking complexion.

Everyone knows the difference between a bad skin day and a perfect skin day. It is a universal truth that when you wake up with a flawless complexion, you start the day feeling like there is nothing you can’t conquer. But the reality is that most of us wake up with what Charlotte Tilbury calls ‘bad skin baggage’, a feeling that comes from heaving around a dull, tired complexion that reflects our continual exposure to stress, blue screens and pollution.

This September, Charlotte Tilbury has the confidence-boosting, skin-enhancing answers you need. Introducing her NEW complexion collection, including her Magic Away Liquid Concealer – a miracle stick with concealing superpowers in 16 magic shades – Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder, a light-diffusing loose powder, PLUS shade extensions in her award-winning Magic Foundation and Light Wonder for a perfect looking skin day every day!

NEW! MAGIC AWAY LIQUID CONCEALER Get the perfect looking skin day, every day with Magic Away!

NEW! MAGIC AWAY Available in 16 shades

“I always say, ‘What’s the difference to my day… Magic Away…’ because it instantly makes me feel like the most powerful, flawless, poreless-looking version of myself. It’s as easy as erase, erase, perfect!”
Charlotte Tilbury

 Magic Ingredients
Persian silk tree bark extract for youthful and contoured looking
skin. This ingredient has a unique gummy texture that STRETCHES over the complexion and resurfaces like new skin! It can contribute to the illusion of a lifted upper eyelid, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines, fade dark circles and puffiness.
Palmitoyl Glycine (identical to the ‘Bliss Molecule’ which is naturally present in skin) that helps rejuvenate the complexion and makes the skin look bouncy, fresh and youthful. It also helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Extract of wild indigo (a native Indian plant used in Ayurvedic tradition) that helps to enhance the skin’s luminosity and brightens the under-eyes!
Unique Magic Precision Face Applicator Sponge
This concealer is delivered through the Magic Miracle Precision beauty
blender applicator, an applicator which communicates and hugs your skin. Designed to roll over imperfections and hug the under-eye contour for the most flawless application.

 Magic Away is Charlotte’s brand-new concealer texture that goes on
like a ‘new, fresh skin.’ It creates the look of smooth and retexturizing the complexion. It’s as if you’ve completely reduced the appearance of pores, rolled over contours, smoothed fine lines and visibly reduced blemishes, all with incredible full coverage… it is the magic wand of makeup!

“This new, elastic-stretch formula makes your skin look practically poreless. It is so smoothing. It delivers a full coverage, inspired by the airbrushing techniques that I call ‘Airbrush Face’! It feels like a second skin.” Charlotte Tilbury

• Magic Away Concealer reduces the appearance of:
Blemishes, Dark Circles, Fine Lines, Redness and Pigmentation,

• Full Coverage
• Long lasting – up to 15 hours
• Water resistant

Solving concealer problems
“I have always found that concealers either cover blemishes momentarily and then tend to cake around a spot, drying the skin, and leaving it poking through, or they do disguise it but it’s so heavy, it leaves you looking far too chalky. The ones I tried were often CHALKY OR CAKEY
OR DRYING OR ALL OF THOSE… there was NEVER the right flawless, poreless- looking coverage.” Charlotte Tilbury

NEW! CHARLOTTE’S GENIUS MAGIC POWDER Soft-focusing, light diffusing loose powder for under eye and face.
A light-diffusing loose powder that blurs visibly reduces dark shadows and features ingredients that help to boost radiance. This powder helps mattify and smooth the appearance of the skin. Available in three shades: light, medium and dark.

“It’s magic! It’s an ethereal veil of youth that sets makeup, illuminates and adds a textured look to the skin. I call it my cauldron of Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder.” Charlotte Tilbury

 Face Blur Veggie Powder made from an alternative ingredient to
absorb excess oil from the skin creating a matte appearance
 Bio-mimetic Silky Mica that creates natural opacity with a brightening- radiance effect to instantly create a youthful look. The mica is treated with
amino acids that contribute to give a gorgeous silky skin-like smooth feel
 Spherical Silica is a sebum absorber that mattifies and reduces shine. It
reflects the light for a soft-focus effect
 Tsubaki Oil is a traditional, nourishing Japanese oil with a silky, creamy
texture which acts as a fast-absorbing moisturiser, nourishing and softening
the skin, whilst promoting bounce in the skin
 Squalane, a natural Olive Oil derivative, is wonderfully moisturising and a source of fatty acids and antioxidants that help to condition and soften

Magic Application Tips
 After applying your Magic Foundation or Light Wonder, apply Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder on top using the Powder & Sculpt brush to mattify and smooth the appearance of the skin. To visibly reduce dark shadows underneath the eyes, apply using the Blender brush and tap off any excess product before applying.

Magic Away Concealer available in 16 shades for 270HKD at Canto Road and ifc Lane Crawford Charlotte Tilbury counters from 6th September and at Times Square Lane Crawford from 21st September.

Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder available in 3 shades for 400HKD at Canto Road and ifc Lane Crawford Charlotte Tilbury counters from 6th September and at Times Square Lane Crawford from 21st September.

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