As the hot and humid months are upon us, keep cool with the two delicious new blends in two well-known Italian iced coffee recipes – Ispirazione Salentina (bold yet smooth and balanced) and Ispirazione Shakerato (powerful with dark cocoa aromas). Nespresso coffee experts have also created a selection of coffee recipes for those who enjoy their coffees on ice.
For summer adventurers who enjoy the outdoors, Nespresso also launches limited edition
accessories including an ice cube tray, a VIEW shaker, a Nomad drinks bottle, and Nomad Touch capsule dispenser, so you can create and enjoy your ultimate iced coffee recipes on-the-go, with utmost ease and style!
Creating your ideal summer experience has never been easier, thanks to Nespresso.

Let Ispirazione Salentina and Ispirazione Shakerato transport you to the heart of Italy to experience the perfect summer moments with loved ones.

Ispirazione Salentina
A bold coffee with a smooth and round texture,
revealing nutty aromas together with roasted notes.
Aromatic notes: woody / spicy
Origins: Uganda, Ethiopia, amongst others
Varieties: Robusta and Arabica
Cup sizes: 25ml & 40ml

Ispirazione Shakerato
A full bodied, intense yet smooth iced coffee with
cocoa aromas together with a long-lasting roasted finish.
Aromatic note: dark cocoa
Origins: Guatemala, Ethiopia, amongst others
Varieties: 100% Arabica
Cup sizes: 40ml




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Caffè alla Salentina by Nespresso
The Caffè alla Salentina is an iced coffee preparation from Salento, the furthest south province of the “heel” of the Italian peninsula. It is traditionally drunk in summer in all the Salento region cafeterias and is consumed together with a pasticciotto leccese, or simply standing at the bar instead of the traditional hot espresso. When prepared with cane sugar syrup, ice and almond milk, Ispirazione Salentina gives a refreshing drink with a sweet taste and a creamy texture.



1. Add 2 Nespresso ice cubes* into a VIEW Lungo glass

2. Pour 30ml of almond milk on top (or alternatively milk)

3. Delicately add 5ml of sugar cane syrup

4. Extract 25ml coffee on top





Caffè shakerato by Nespresso
The Caffè shakerato is prepared in most of the Italian cafeterias and bars and is commonly associated with a metropolitan lifestyle and mood. It’s usually prepared in a staged way with a shaker and is served in a Martini glass. Italians love to give time to enjoy this recipe.
When prepared in a shaker with ice and sugar, Ispirazione Shakerato gives a powerful and smooth, full-bodied iced coffee topped with an indulgent foam.


1. Add 1 Nespresso sugar stick** in a VIEW Recipe glass
with lid or shaker

2. Extract 40ml coffee on top

3. Add 3 Nespresso ice cubes*

4. Shake it!





Additional recipes can be found on:
*1 Nespresso ice cube = 30g **1 Nespresso sugar stick = 3g sugar


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