For Christian, eyes are the most expressive part of the face.  They reveal a woman’s character and mood.  “I’ve always been fascinated with how much the eyes say.  Eyes reveal – they have a life, they carry one’s life; what has happened in your life.  It is through the eyes that you see someone’s personality/”  he explains.  The power of eye makeup is that is enlivens the gaze, giving a woman control over her expression.

This October, inspired by the liveliness of eyes, Christian Louboutin expands his opus of Eye Amplifiers, introducing Tape à l’Oeil Eye Colour collection.  Enthused by and named after women who turn heads, this pigment-rich Eye Colour range is striking in tone and finish.  The collection is designed to stun.  “Tape à l’Oeil means eye-catching.  It is a woman who exposes her femininity so that no one can miss her.” describes the designer.  Christian Louboutin’s Eye Colours enable a woman to enhance her eyes with a variety of looks to reveal or concerl her attitudes and intentions.

The Maison introduces Eye Colour in two statement-making finishes – matte nude and metallic.  Both collections launch in six shades for a total of twelve eye colours.  “To me, eye colour is parure pour les yeux.  It is jewelry for the eyes.” says Christian.  A woman can darken, lighten, perfect or embellish her gaze with a brush stoke of shadow on lids.  She is the author of her own story.

The unveiling of Eye Colour enriches the designer’s Eye Amplifiers collection, enabling women to create a complete Christian Louboutin eye look.  Adom lids with new Tape à l’Oeil Eye Colour colour, define or contour eyes with Oeil Velours and Oeil Vinyle, coat lashes in Les Yeux Noirs, and perfect brows with Brow Definer.

The formulas are encased in a clear vial adorned with a gold fluted shell that references Byzantine and Art Deco motifs, two epoques that Christian’s iconic Nail Colour design.  Similar to a calligraphy brush, the cap rests comfortably in the hand, ensuring a controlled and precise application experience.  It’s innovative, short and dense bristle brush allows for optimal product pick-up, precise placement, and optimal painting and blending of the formula for the most artistic expression.

Matte Nude Eye Colour

From his first-of-its-kind Nudes shoe collection to his ten nude Nail and Lip colours to his five skin-toned Lip Definers, it is evident that Christian sees the world in a spectrum of skin colours.  This is the philosophy that inspires his launch of six shades of original matte nude eye colour.  This range makes it easy to recreate Christian’s favorite beauty looks – bare lids defined with liner – as worn by one of his muses, Nefertiti.  The Nude Eye Colour collection is available in a range from light pink to chocolate to grey hues balancing cool and warmer tones.

These matte nude shades perfect the lid for a sophisticated and timeless look.  Each shade magnifying the natural luminosity of skin by absorbing light, an effect that Christian equates to the stillness of the moon.

Matte Nude Eye Colour is formulated with an oil-based gel structure that applies like a fluid and sets with a powdery matte finish for a sensual application experience and comfortable dry-down.  Its long-lasting, pigment rich formula provides medium to full coverage in just one swipe.

Metallic Eye Colour

Fond of shimmering embellishments – from metallic spikes to 70s style glitter tisse fabrics to his indulgent use of strass – Christian was inspired to launch highly-reflective eye colours.  Each shadow beautifully plays with light for an intense sparkle finish.  Christian likens the playfulness of this formula to the energy and movement of the sun.  The Metallic Eye Colour collection is available in a range of jewel tones from rose gold to iridescent blue.

The formula is a unique fusion of water and metallic pigments, which combine to create a mirror-like brilliance.  Its lightweight and fluid texture applies smoothly and enables easily buildable coverage.  It adheres extremely well to lids and is long-lasting – no smudging or creasing – yet is easy to blend and remove.

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