Chocolate has long been a most beloved snack among all age groups and people from all walks of life. You will surely find a ‘chocoholic’ around you. Apart from being a snack and dessert, can chocolate assume the role of being a tantalizing gourmet food? Unconventionality has always been the notion behind all creations of COBO HOUSE. Halfway through The Knife and Spoon Series, Chef Ray and Chef Devon once again, broke out of their comfort zone and created the new menu that is not only based on chocolate, but infused substantially with chocolate, deemed to sweep you off your feet.

The Knife and Spoon Series Chapter 4 – Bitter Sweet will be available from 24th March 2021 to 31st May 2021. The whole menu embraces not only the three common chocolates, dark, white and milk chocolate but has added the fourth, the Ruby Chocolate which is only available in the market in recent years. The Chapter 4 menu offers three choices for gourmet tasting – Silhouette Experience (four courses), Abstract Experience (six courses) and Full Experience (eight courses).

It is common for people to associate silky, smooth and sweet chocolate with all kinds of desserts, feeling that taken excessively will lead to loss in appetite and gaining in weight, but forgetting that the body of chocolate is Cacao (cocoa in English), fruits from cacao trees. When unprocessed, it does not taste sweet but itself is an ingredient full of possibilities. Chef Ray and Chef Devon have decided to take on this versatile ingredient and have Chocolate as the theme of Chapter 4, to present chocolate not just through desserts but surround all aspects of taste, namely sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Chef Devon labels herself a ‘chocoholic’, saying that chocolate is definitely a part of her everyday life, and she always has room for more chocolate. “I was overwhelmed when the theme for Chapter 4 was confirmed. This is a great chance for us to change the established view of how the public perceive chocolate.”

COBO HOUSE has always been on the pursuit for food of the best quality. During the chocolate selection process, the chefs first picked some out of the many chocolates. After a lot of trials and pairing offs, they finally locked down on nine types of chocolate that can best complement other ingredients.

Korean Beef Tartare – Chef Ray once travelled with family to Guam. The most famous souvenir there is chili chocolate, where a tiny chili is placed on each piece of chocolate. The chili chocolate shows to him the complementary nature of spiciness and sweetness, that the hot and spicy chili can neutralize the sweet and creamy taste of chocolate. This experience bestowed Chef Ray on an idea of re-engineering the much favoured fresh beef tartare. On one of the cold dishes, Korean Beef Tartare, the chefs have explicitly chosen the premium grade Korean beef, as its fat contents are less than the Japanese Wagyu and is comparatively tender in terms of texture, to pair with spicy Korean kimchi. After many trials and errors, the chefs came to the conclusion that Cocoa Mass 100% from Madagascar goes best with their Korean beef tartare. This raw cocoa is unsweetened and slightly bitter, perfectly bringing out the flavour of the beef and at the same time, enriching the spiciness from the kimchi. This tartare stands out from the common beef tartare in that onions are replaced by Korean pears. The crunchiness of pear enhances the tartare texture while neutralizing the spiciness from the kimchi.

The fried cheung fen (rice rolls) is a local snack that both chefs are favored of. The fried white rice rolls conjure up an image of juicy and tasty white eel. With unlimited creativity and much brainstorming, the two chefs put to reality an unprecedented cuisine – Seared Eel with Toasted Sesame Sauce. Eels seared to golden brown are seasoned with toasted black and white sesame sauce. The sauce is a specialty and the focal point of the dish. It is a combination of hand-ground black and white pepper, citrusy Japanese sansho pepper plus the slightly sweet and creamy-scented Diapason 33% white chocolate. Lastly, embellished with salted-plum sauce, the acidity of which balances out the aromatic oiliness of the seared eel and the sweetness of the chocolate.

For the main, there is the Frizzled Ox Tongue and Prime Short Ribs in Argentinean Chimichurri Sauce accompanied with Japanese Shishito Peppers. The ribs are covered in a sea of chocolate powder and a mixture of spices, left for 24 hours to marinate before grilling. The grilled ox tongue is to add texture and flavor to the dish. The duo has decided on using the Single Origin Deltora 70% Dark Chocolate, a slightly bitter chocolate with fruity notes. The aftertaste of this chocolate is relatively long lasting and its bitterness can best bring out the umami of the beef. The chimichurri sauce made from herbs, white pepper and chili, is able to bring down the satiety and together with the fresh, lightly-fried Shishito pepper, help refresh the taste buds.

The menu also utilizes the fourth kind of chocolate, the recently classified Ruby Chocolate. Customers are cordially invited to COBO HOUSE to try the specially designed chocolate dishes. At the same time, customers may also wish to hunt out from the menu, the various cuisines that our chefs match the precious Ruby Chocolate with other food materials.

The Knife and Spoon Chapter 4 – Bitter Sweet will be available from 24th March 2021 to 31st May 2021, and will be featured with the choices of Silhouette Experience (four courses), Abstract Experience (six courses) and Full Experience (eight courses).

The Knife & Spoon Series (each Chapter is scheduled to change every six weeks)

Choice of Tasting Menus:

Silhouette Experience (four courses)    – HK$680        + 10% service charge
Abstract Experience (six courses)        – HK$1,180     + 10% service charge
Full Experience (eight courses)            – HK$1,480     + 10% service charge

Optional Wine Pairing Programme:

Four glasses – HK$620
Six glasses – HK$850