New year, new beginnings. With Chinese New Year around the corner, COBO HOUSE will be celebrating our favourite Chinese festival with the long-awaited new menu, Chapter Three – Life Beneath Earth. The tasting menu has been meticulously curated to bring a new perspective to root vegetables, typically perceived to be side dish ingredients. By spotlighting humble roots as this chapter’s main characters. Chapter Three keeps out the cold and brings in the warm and cozy with each dish served hot. Aside from creating a delectable dining experience, Chapter Three’s feature of roots points to our hopes for the New Year – to unearth a new, lively, hopeful start.

The Knife & Spoon Chapter Three – Life Beneath Earth, as its name suggests, will be
centred around different types of roots vegetables, from the ordinary carrot, onion,
ginger, and beetroot, to the not-so-ordinary artichoke, rhubarb and even ginseng. Led by two executive chefs, Ray Choi & Devon Hou, the restaurant once again combines art,
innovation and culinary expertise in its bespoke tasting menu, showcasing an unconventional dining experience. Served between January 27 and March 9, the Chapter Three menu will be featured with the choices of Silhouette Experience (four courses), Abstract Experience (six courses) and Full Experience (eight courses).

The Knife & Spoon Chapter Three – Life Beneath Earth

Leading the Life Beneath Earth Chapter is the Loin of Lamb Onion Soup. With onions simmered in palatable spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, licorice and juniper berries, the soup is set to bring out earthy flavours when being poured along the sous vide loin of lamb that is garnished with pepper leaves. As the smooth onion soup runs along your palate, the delicately sweet onion slices melt into the mildly spicy fork-tender loin of lamb – a combination that is rich yet opens the palate to wanting more. Presented in a Chinese metallic tea pot, Chef Ray pays tribute to his profound love for Chinese tea artistry. In Chinese culture, the tea pot is an item of serve ware that is commonly seen at the centre of the table, uniting everyone. The course offers a true appreciation not only for the palate, but also for the surrounding company as we are brought together by the festive Chinese New Year.

Next course on the line-up is the Spanish Octopus and Beetroot Chickpea Mash. The fresh octopus is lightly sizzled with chorizos and shallots, complemented with
rose-coloured chickpea beetroot mash, and finished with sugar-glazed beetroot that has been infused in fig vinaigrette and honey to create a savoury balance. The course is not only a feast for the mouth, but also for the eye – the velvet octopus resting on top of the rosy chickpea mash, sided with the ruby sugar-glazed beetroot, and sprinkled with golden porcini mushroom crunch – a true celebration and welcoming of a multi-coloured New Year.

The upcoming course on the menu is the highly anticipated Orzo with Skate Fillet and Lotus Root. Integrating the East and the West, Chef Devon created a creamy pasta sauce from the Chinese red robe da hong pao tea, a blend that is creamy rich and silky smooth with a hint of earthiness. Lightly seasoned and pan-seared, the elegant skate fillet is topped with crispy tea leaves and lotus root chips. Altogether, the refreshing
and light flavours of the skate fillet join forces with the creaminess of the orzo, coupled with the crunchy textured lotus roots, crafting an extraordinary culinary journey as we embrace a new start.

If you have a sweet tooth, no meal is complete without dessert. The Knife & Spoon Chapter Three is themed around roots, and hence will also be wrapped up with roots. The Sunchoke Ice-Cream, crafted with flattering sweetness and azesty finish, runs in a delicately smooth texture. Served with coffee crumble bits curated from in-house coffee blend along with coffee chiffon cake, the spongy texture brings out a new sensation when merged with the coffee crunches. Glazed in homemade rhubarb jam that adds a touch of luscious and vinegary finish, the dessert is the finale of your culinary experience with full enjoyment and wonder, leaving you with a smile on your face.

The Knife & Spoon Series (each Chapter is scheduled to change every six weeks) Choice of Tasting Menus:
Silhouette Experience (four courses) – HK$680 + 10% service charge
Abstract Experience (six courses) – HK$1,180 + 10% service charge
Full Experience (eight courses) – HK$1,480 + 10% service charge

Optional Wine Pairing Programme:
Four glasses – HK$620
Six glasses – HK$850

Maison Mumm RSRV Champagne Free-flow Exclusive Promotion:
RSRV 4.5 – $480 daily price for lunch