Creature Comforts Veterinary Group (“Creature Comforts”), one of Hong Kong’s leading and most respected veterinary groups, today announced the launch of Hong Kong’s first and only veterinary-founded and formulated line of pet CBD supplements. From 12 April, 2021, the
Creature Comforts CBD line will debut The Wellness Oil as its bedrock formula available for purchase online at and at select retailers.

For the past 20 years, Creature Comforts has been on a mission to improve the lives of pets and their families through a comprehensive approach to pet health and wellbeing. Since its inception, Creature Comforts has helped tens of thousands of pets and has grown to span multiple veterinary hospitals, animal medical clinics, a 24-hour critical care center, private housecall service and e-commerce business. Now bringing their high-touch approach to set the standard in pet wellness, Creature Comforts have successfully paired two decades of veterinary science with one of America’s most trusted CBD manufacturers to develop Creature Comforts CBD supplements.

“Our philosophy is that family is everything and we treat our clients and their pets like our family – that’s our north star. Our product has been made specifically with a pet’s happiness and comfort in mind. We’re a small family business with a big heart, and we’re driven by compassion, care, quality, and positivity – it’s a culmination of these values, our philosophy and 20 years’ experience that are at the essence of our CBD-based range.”
Dr David Gething, Veterinarian and Co Founder, Creature Comforts Veterinary Group

Introducing The Wellness Oil from Creature Comforts CBD

Simply called The Wellness Oil, this CBD oil tincture is made from high-quality botanical blends that balance and renew a dog’s wellbeing. Offering a comprehensive approach to easing mild symptoms and concerns around anxiety and inflammation, The Wellness Oil contains four key ingredients:

CBD Isolate: The CBD compound in its purest form. 99% pure CBD with all active compounds
from the cannabis plant, phytocannabinoids and THC removed.
MCT Oil: A clean stable oil that allows for a greater concentration of CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream by increasing CBD’s bioavailability. This enables your dog to reap the benefits of CBD most efficiently and quickly.
Vitamin E: An antioxidant which helps preserve the tincture’s flavor and efficacy.
Rotisserie Chicken Flavoring: Our delicious custom CBD flavor that your dog will love!

The Wellness Oil is the first product from this veterinary founded and formulated CBD range that will include both multi-purpose and targeted supplements. Each tincture formula has been specifically crafted for Creature Comforts CBD by Dr. David Gething in collaboration with a team of pet nutrition scientists. Harnessing the brilliance of nature with ingredient science to handcraft high-quality botanical blends, Creature Comforts’ hemp-derived CBD formulations begin with cold-pressed oils and are infused with carefully-curated ingredients and a high concentration of actives to deliver the highest quality product with effective results.

Creature Comforts’ Approach to High-Quality CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural plant supplement derived from the hemp plant. It is one of hundreds of cannabinoids, essential oils and nutrients found in the hemp plant and was first extracted from the plant in 1940. Endocannabinoids are not only present in the plant – they are also naturally found in your body to keep your nervous and digestive systems running smoothly.

Recently, CBD has emerged globally to become a more common treatment for people and pets struggling with joint pain, arthritis, sleeping problems, anxiety and other ailments. While it is not a cure-all, CBD has been shown to be a safe, non-addictive and highly effective adjunctive treatment in combination with standard medication. Legal in Hong Kong since 2018, CBD’s global availability and awareness has risen dramatically over the past two years.

“Reading reports in the veterinary scientific literature about the benefits of CBD in animals, I was certainly very interested. If we had a new way of supplementing our reliance on strong pharmaceutical medication, especially for hard-to-treat issues such as anxiety, arthritis, pain and inflammation, I was completely behind it. However, I wanted to make sure I could give my pets and patients a product I trusted and that had been validated by our own user trials and safety testing. That’s why Creature Comforts CBD was born.”
Dr David Gething, Veterinarian and Co Founder, Creature Comforts Veterinary Group

To ensure safety, effectiveness and the highest quality ingredients, Creature Comforts CBD partnered with one of American’s most trusted CBD manufacturers to guarantee a rigorous vetting process with product development led by a senior scientist specializing in pet nutrition with a Ph.D. in Food Science. Together, they believe in the power of integrity, transparency, and efficacy, and genuinely care about providing customers with premium products. The Wellness Oil features CBD Isolate -cannabidiol in its purest form which is used as the most consistent way to formulate a high-quality product. With all THC and other unwanted compounds removed, Creature Comforts CBD Isolate is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. All Creature Comforts CBD products undergo full analytical testing in a US Reference laboratory to confirm they are formulated to the highest standards. The process involves each batch sold going through meticulous testing starting with the flower all the way through to the finished formula. Creature Comforts CBD test for cannabinoid potency to verify that the product performs as designed, as well as pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbial content to ensure complete product safety.

To most effectively and easily administer The Wellness Oil, Creature Comforts CBD formulated this oil tincture for sublingual administration (in the mouth) – either directly from the dropper or drizzled on food.

80% of families who gave their dogs The Wellness Oil found it effective or highly effective on
improving their pet’s anxiety and mobility
94% of customers found the CBD oil tincture easy and not difficult to administer
95% of dogs loved the taste of The Wellness Oil
95% of dogs had no side effects whatsoever
97% of dogs swallowed the entire tincture within 3 seconds

Creature Comforts CBD Success Stories – Hear It From the Dog’s (and their Family’s) Mouth

“Russell was adopted two months ago. With Creature Comforts CBD,
we noticed a marked difference in Russell’s behavioural issues and
anxiety. Russell used to chew stuff around the house for hours but
now no longer chews. He is also now coming downstairs in the
morning without being carried and is ok to wait for a while before
being taken out to pee. It’s been amazing for his joints as well –
Russell is so excited when we get the bottle out. ”

“Popcorn is 13 years old with arthritis and anxiety and needs regular
hip injections and pain medication for the arthritis. After giving him
Creature Comforts CBD, we took him for a walk and he walked quicker
than he has in years. He loved taking The Wellness Oil straight, and his
digestion seems improved. His mood and sleep have notably improved
he sleeps long and no longer has a twitch. He can be overprotective
and aggressive, but now he seems more at peace – he was much
calmer when we recently had a house visitor.”

From 12 April, 2021, Creature Comforts CBD The Wellness Oil will be available for a suggested retail price of HKD550 online at and KAPOK (Wan Chai).

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