One part glamourous, one part laid-back, Malaysian supermodel Angie Ng embodies a rare ability to transform herself over and over again since her modeling debut when she was sixteen. A much-loved muse for many designers, towering at 5 ft 11 in, Angie has graced many covers as she has walked runways. She seems to have the natural ability to change herself for what needs to be portrayed, only recently, she has found her true self, and how she wants to use her voice to inspire others.

Is modelling your dream?
How does modelling
help you to realise
who you are?

Modelling was not the career I picked when I was a child but a career that slowly made more sense to me as I grew into it. It is a dream in so many ways. I love what I do, I love the opportunities I am given everyday and most importantly all the creative people I get to meet. It is a career that is constantly changing, evolving and growing for me. Doing what I do has made me understand the importance of hard work and humility. Understanding that there will always be more to learn and room for improvement. I am so lucky that I get to meet different people and just listen to their stories; everyone has a story that can inspire.

Was there a critical moment where
you realised you need to make
a change in your lifestyle? What
is important to you now
and how do you
want to inspire

I think there wasn’t an exact moment but just an overwhelming sense of a need to be better, live better, to inspire and feel inspired.

It is the simple things that are vital. Living better for our health, for our environment, our world and the future. Now that I have a voice, I want and hope to be able to use my life as an example. Taking small steps but everything has to start somewhere. Create less trash and resell items or even buy second hand items. Just this itself will create less trash.

People are starting to come into realisation how our lifestyle threatens the environment, our Mother Earth, it’s now at a critical point where we need to live differently. What would be
some tips on living a
more sustainable

Use less plastic items and plastic bags. This is easy and straightforward. Understand and seek out information regarding sustainability. Buy less, recycle and reuse. These are easy steps that we can all make that will make a huge difference for the world and for us. The most important thing is not to wait for your friend or your neighbour to start. You start! Be the one to lead the movement around you and inspire.

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