Eatology, Hong Kong’s premier meal planner service, continues to push the boundaries of its delicious and nutritious meal plan offerings with the addition of Executive Chef Vincent Leroux as Culinary Director. Coming from The St. Regis Hong Kong, Chef Vincent’s meticulous cooking philosophy and diverse wealth of culinary expertise at Michelin-starred restaurants in France and Switzerland, as well as esteemed establishments around the world, make him an incredible talent for Eatology to team up with. With his unparalleled focus on using the best fresh and organic ingredients to create dishes of the utmost integrity, Chef Vincent amplifies Eatology’s current menu offerings while also adding fresh new flavours to the lineup for deeply satisfying and nutritionally-packed healthy meals. New gourmet recipes from Chef Vincent such as the Tuna a la Nicoise, Spicy Orange Beef and Chinese style Walnut, Mushroom and Chicken Soup promise to be hot craveworthy options for Eatology customers, available from today.

“My grandmother used to tell me, ‘Not only must you eat, you must eat well’ and I bring this with me wherever I go. With Eatology, I’m thrilled to apply the culinary skills and training I’ve gained from working at Michelin-starred institutions to the thriving world of meal plans. By teaming up with Eatology, I’ve found the perfect fit with my cooking philosophy. Every detail of the cooking process is considered to achieve complete food integrity – I work with the best quality suppliers to always use the most seasonal, market fresh, organic ingredients, and each recipe is always painstakingly created with flavour, nutrition and safety as the top priorities. With Eatology, we are here to help you love eating healthy – not only for the good that it does to your body,but also because it simply tastes amazing! Excellent eating experiences are never accidents, we plan every part of it to ensure that you enjoy every bite, just the way you should,” says Chef Vincent Leroux.

From multiple Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris and Switzerland to helming restaurant kitchens in the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, and Madagascar, Chef Vincent first arrived in Hong Kong in 2014 to design and teach courses for the Institut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier. In 2018, Chef Vincent joined The St. Regis Hong Kong during the hotel’s concept planning and pre-launch stage; he later went one to become an instrumental part of the culinary team.

Chef Vincent’s gourmet recipes include Tuna a la Nicoise packed with B12 and rich in omega 3; Spicy Orange Beef – a great source of protein with a fresh summery taste and healthy warming Chinese style Walnut, Mushroom and Chicken Soup inspired by traditional Hong Kong cuisine.

In addition to welcoming Chef Vincent and his gourmet take on the menu, Eatology is also excited to better serve customers by further upgrading its services with new kitchen facilities in Kennedy Town. With these new developments, Eatology continues to only get better at offering meal plans completely tailor-made to your dietary preferences with healthy and delicious freshly cooked meals delivered direct to your office or home.

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