The Chinese New Year arrives with thriving fauna and flourishing flora. In this spring festival, ELEMENTS presents the ‘Blossoms and Fortune for Chinese New Year’ floral installation from now to 16th February 2020. Thanks to the original gardening design and decoration, the Golden Zone is transformed into the New Year’s ‘Garden of Happiness’. The garden is graced by peach trees and flowery shrubs, while the ‘interactive koi lotus ponds’ symbolising ‘affluence’, and the ‘Light Art Area’ offering a feast of visual sensation are set up, all of which tokens of blessings to our visitors.

Floral Feasts in Chic and Western Style to Bring Joy and Luck

ELEMENTS centres upon the theme of happy blossoms, according to which western floral art is employed to shape the Golden Zone into an elegant garden. A peach tree symbolising booming business is placed at the venue, which is accompanied by a variety of flowers to create a splendid floral scene, allowing customers to celebrate a happy Chinese New Year.

Visual Sensation in Light Art Area and Photos at Giant Mirror Installation

In addition to the garden setting in the mall, the ‘Light Art Area’ makes another photo spot. The giant mirror installation inside the kiosk is adorned with colourful lighting to create a mesmerising visual effect. As visitors step on the signs below their feet, the lights in the kiosk will glow and sparkle; bird chirping sounds will echo in the ears, generating a vibrant and delightful spirit.

Interactive Koi Lotus Ponds to Wish for Wealth and Prosperity

The shopping mall also consists of an ‘Interactive Koi Lotus Pond’ where ELEMENTS introduces the augmented reality projection technology. It allows the koi, a symbol of auspiciousness and happiness, to swim around the water, and visitors can enter the lotus pond to interact with the koi. It is wished that customers will enjoy abundant wealth and great prosperity in the new year.

Personalised WhatsApp New Year Stickers for Family and Friends

This year, ELEMENTS makes a special attempt in integrating technology into the Chinese New Year’s tradition. Customers can create their personalised WhatsApp New Year stickers, simply by taking personal photos in the shooting area. Their very own WhatsApp New Year stickers can thus be designed to offer special wishes to your family and friends.