The aristocratic, pioneering spirit of Marquess Emilio Pucci infuses the Spring-Summer 20 collection, which looks to the future smoothly blending extravagance with technology, sophistication with practicality, dynamism with joie de vivre. Rooted in the appreciation for a sporty lifestyle and in the quest for the perfectly essential shape that enhances movement without detracting from sensuality, the original Pucci’s penchant for innovation is translated into elegant creations, exuding a contemporary allure and providing a spectacular impact—yet retaining a free, light, joyous feel.

The collection reads as an invitation to spend lively, intense moments with Pucci, as if filtered through an iridescent, mesmerizing prism—a journey where images and suggestions are seamlessly morphing, as if into a fluid, free-flowing time frame.

The label’s innovative roots are celebrated through a LUXURY ACTIVE attitude, which pays homage to the modern silhouettes designed in the early ‘60s by the forward-thinking Marquess, who introduced sporty stretch fabrications for lean, kaleidoscopic-printed new leggings, to enhance a sense of dynamic ease. This very same flair is conveyed in body-con silhouettes contouring the body, a veritable body-mapping where stretchy yarns are worked in sophisticated jacquard patterns via cutting-edge technology. The famous Vivara motif is reproduced as openwork on leggings and fitted tops; it’s translated into multi-dimensional, vibrant print patterns on jersey, nylon, poplin or cotton drill, or else it’s pieced together with different fabrications for hybrid, versatile, sporty outfits.

The same verve which infuses movement with a dynamic sensuality and an aristocratic extravagance can be perceived in a time of fluidity and joie de vivre—a FLAMBOYANT DAY which smoothly glides into evening. The wardrobe is effortless, lightweight and practical, with a natural flair for eccentricity. Short dresses, luxurious soft tailoring, easy and fresh suiting, elegant pajamas-palazzo. The Vivara print is given an elastic, cinetic quality in bonded viscose slipdresses, the laser-cut,ondulating skirt better enhancing a feel of dynamic femininity. The Ciwara print softens into watercolor hues, giving vitality to the signature Pucci caftans. Leather is openworked and embroidered as if it were Broderie Anglaise; printed cut-outs appliqués decorate imaginative new versions of classic shirtdresses.

Such easy flamboyant allure glides into a nocturnal glamour: an EFFORTLESS GLAM EVENING style is defined by elegant silhouettes in block-colored liquid jersey. Sequined embroideries grace short print dresses, exuding artistic flair as well as sensuality and sublime savoir-faire. The new tuxedo is designed as an hyper- feminine jumpsuit. It’s eveningwear at its most original, yet soft and easy—fluid georgette pants, chiffon parkas, embroidered foulard-tops in rich hues of pink, ruby red, purple, white, black.

The accessories highlight the collection’s silhouettes and looks: sneakers are jacquard-knitted with Vivara motifs, also reproduced on elegant suede stilettos. The new Dora bag is offered in a joyous mix of colors, prints and materials; a practical soft pouch is bedecked with Vivara-printed foulards. The same foulard- printed theme is proposed on sophisticated new turbans, for a touch of Luxurious extravagance. Very Pucci. 

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