As a popular New Year’s resolution, a tidy house is on the minds of many and the jumpstart to a more mindful year. Take the time in 2019 to tidy up and rejuvenate your home by making space for a brand new energy! Enjoy the satisfaction of decluttering and sending your old items to a new home through Carousell, the platform that offers a wide spectrum of services for selling and purchasing used items.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace your inner Marie Kondo – try reconnecting with your belongings and carefully take stock of what you want to keep, what you’re ready to let go of, and what you still need. To guide you through the process this holiday, Carousell links up with Professional Organiser Sharon Lam, founder of Home Therapy Hong Kong, to share all the tips you need to clean out your home.

Carousellers can rest easy in knowing that now is the perfect time of year to commit to the tidying process – we’ve already seen the number of Carousell listings increasing by 15% this past week, as more and more people rejoice in the act of spring cleaning. Home & furniture listings are particularly popular, with viewings increasing by 12%. What’s more, Carousellers are serious about acting now to organise their spaces – transactions are up by 20%!

Decluttering tips from Sharon:

1.Take all of your items out, then categorise. Though it’s a hassle to take everything out, it’s a crucial step, because this way you’ll see how many things you have and you can get rid of duplicate items. This step will also surprise you and motivate you to complete the next steps.

2. Some items are harder to get rid of than others. Start with the easiest category first, such as clothes and books. The most difficult items are those that hold sentimental values or are attached to memories – a letter or a gift from a friend, for example.

  1. Focus on the “present”. Only keep the things you really need right now. For example, if you have a pair of jeans that you think you will wear again one day – please throw it out – because that “one day” usually doesn’t happen.

4. Create a “maybe” pile. Put in all the things that you don’t wish to part with yet and give yourself a deadline. Give yourself half a year, for example. If in half a year’s time you never get to use it, get rid of it!

  1. Use a free secondhand market platform. The reason why people hold on to their things is often because they think it’s a waste to give it up. Decluttering is not about throwing out everything, but we encourage you to keep the items that you truly need and that make you happy. Of all the things you are getting rid of, donate the items that still hold value or sell them on a secondhand market platform. We all need refreshing from time to time, so put down the past and welcome 2019 with a fresh new start!


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