Riding on the wave of tomorrow’s premiere of Netflix Original Series “The Naked Director” Season 2《全裸監督 2》, globally renowned creative studio AllRightsReserved (ARR) collaborates with the global Netflix hit series from Japan to present a worldwide limited-edition vinyl figure of FACE Oka X “The Naked Director” Series which debuts in edition of 624. Named as NICE DIRECTOR Vinyl Figure, it comes as one of the first collectibles along with others that will be released later this year.

Worldwide limited collection for “The Naked Director” Series
Online Drawing Available on DDT Store from 25 June 12am EDT

To coincide with the launch of the second season of the global Netflix hit “The Naked Director”, ARR partners with Illustrator-Artist FACE Oka in appreciation of his distinctive, idiosyncratic style, creating an interpretation of eroticism in a buoyant way. The vibrant use of color and simplicity of his female figure art always reflect a retro style reminiscent of the ‘80s in a playful yet alluring way, making a good match with the backdrop and image of “The Naked Director”, presenting the legendary AV director in his unique hand-drawn style.

AllRightsReserved’s founder SK Lam states: “The sea change began since the birth of Netflix. We’re pleased to collaborate with “The Naked Director“ originating from Japan, debuting our first collaboration with a Netflix original with Japanese artist FACE Oka. Working with Netflix shows is an exciting new prospect, we look forward to bringing more well-made IP creation together, sharing with a truly global audience.”

“The Naked Director” is a drama that I love a lot. That makes the creative process very smooth. The perspective of the drama matches with mine so much that enables me to enjoy the entire artwork creation, which I think was really NICE! (“NICE” is a catchphrase of the main character in “The Naked Director”, Toru Muranishi)” states FACE Oka.

FACE Oka X “The Naked Director” Series
Material: Vinyl
Dimensions: H7.5 inch
Edition of 624
Printed signature and number under feet
Certificated NFC chip of authenticity
Price: USD 280 | HKD 2,200

Eyeing the fantastic run of the first season, “The Naked Director” and AllRightsReserved have joined forces to first release the NICE DIRECTOR Vinyl Figure — a 7.5-inch tall vinyl figure with two heads that can be exchanged, in a worldwide limited edition of 624 pieces for the series. Printed signature and number under feet. Launching with the second season of “The Naked Director”, this first-of-its-kind collectible will be globally available for online drawing on the exclusive online DDT Store (ddtstore.com) from 12am EDT on 25 June 2021 to 12am EDT on 28 June 2021. Shipping begins from October, 2021.

Other collectibles of this collection will be released soon. For more information or to be notified about the latest updates on collectibles, stay tuned for official announcements from AllRightsReserved and DDT Store.

DDT Store Upgraded Digital Authentication
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DDT Store has always put counterfeit protection to the fore. Every product that DDT Store sells has been equipped with NFC technology, enabling collectors a convenient and safe way to authenticate their latest purchases anytime, anywhere.

With a rising demand in the collectibles market, DDT Store will be elevating its authentication features with the help of blockchain technology, especially when it comes to the protection and creation of Intellectual Property. This technology is powered by FWENCLUB — a brand-new ecosystem that offers security and transparency in the exchange of assets. This upgraded digital authentication offers a substantially increased level of counterfeit protection. Every single collectible comes with a proof of digital ownership and true authenticity, offering a superior sense of assurance to the collectors.

FACE Oka X “The Naked Director” Series – NICE DIRECTOR Vinyl Figure
Available for Online Drawing on DDT Store from on Jun 25 (Fri)

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Global Online Drawing
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25 Jun (Fri) 12AM (EDT – 28 Jun (Mon) 12AM (EDT)
25 Jun (Fri) 12PM (HKT) – 28 Jun (Mon) 12PM (HKT)

Global exclusive sale: DDT Store ddtstore.com
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