What is a shoppable magazine?

In every issue, we include items that can be bought directly from our website, or may be directed to the original site for purchase.

How do you shop on The Closeteur?

There are two ways to shop items from The Closeteur.

From the magazine; click on the image stated “click image to buy” and you will be redirected to the store.

From the website, click “shop” and under the Issue number.  From there, click “add to cart”, and it will redirect you to check-out.  An acknowledgement email will be sent to you automatically.  Due to the limited quantity of our items, another confirmation item will be sent if your order is successful.

The links on the magazine are not working and not directing me to the item.

Our apologies, if it is not redirecting you to the link, it is either no longer available, or that the link is broken.

Can I sell on The Closeteur?

As of October 2017, we are no longer accepting items to sell. The Closeteur is now only a magazine. However, we work with individual sellers and companies privately to be featured in our Magazine as editorials and features.  Please email us [email protected] for more information.

How does The Closeteur support charities?

A percentage of our revenue will go to support Nature Conservancy.