With the much talked about Iris Yoga and Wellness Festival that just ended this past weekend, for those that are hot on the heels for continuing your fitness journey – a new fitness player is in town and the fitness scene in Hong Kong will never be the same. For those that are familiar with Guavapass launched three years ago, there is a new fitness app that is about to be launched. Whether you’re a gym junkie, dance extraordinaire, aspiring Spartan or yoga guru, finding the perfect class to fit your packed schedule will soon become effortless. ClassPass, the leading membership to the world’s largest fitness network, is expanding to Hong Kong in October 2018. In line with its global expansion plans, Hong Kong will be one of the next markets in Asia for ClassPass, following its successful Singapore launch in August that saw exceeding demand and user sign-ups.

 “Hong Kong is a very fast-paced city and people are always on the go. There is an increasing emphasis on flexibility and we’re seeing more people in Hong Kong value the convenience that ClassPass enables.”

If you haven’t signed up yet, we suggest you to stay ahead and get your fitness on-the-go by registering their interest online at classpass and enjoy free classes in the first month – exclusively available for a limited time only. Be prepared for a diversity of fitness experiences at exclusive studios across Hong Kong, including yoga, cycling, Pilates, barre, running, strength training, HIIT, and more.

Since its inception in 2013, ClassPass has rapidly-grown worldwide and continues to gain momentum. With a growing roster of over 10,000 studio, gym and wellness partners, constantly innovating and pushing the future of fitness through new features that enable flexibility and convenience.

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