Following the massive excitement of Yusuke Hanai’s first NFT collection released in February 2022, digital and physical collectables platform, FWENCLUB, launches Spanish artist Joan Cornellà’s first NFT collection, “MOAR by Joan Cornellà”. Official website ( went live on 7 March with a mini clicking game for FWENs from different parts of the globe to build the metaverse together by one click. The phenomenon is taking the world by storm and hits
over 60 million clicks in a week.

Building the satire world from social media to metaverse

The strange and surreal journey of Joan Cornellà began in social media years ago and continues to poke fun at the world in another sphere of the digital space, where fans can take part in a survivor adventure in the metaverse. It is a story of a mansion in the metaverse called “MOAR” – an intentional misspelling of “more”, used online as a humorous demand — where 5,555 creatures with their souls minted with the ERC721 blockchain as NFTs. While the world is in lockdown due to the invasion of aliens, guests staying at the MOAR, including humans, zombies and cyborgs, live peacefully together. MOAR is a rather unusual mansion where one will find shops, games and virtual exhibitions, to be launched in November, 2022.

Cornellà’s first-ever NFT project drops in Apr 2022 with public sale in Dutch Auction Taking all on a strange journey in the metaverse

With a social following of more than eight million amassed over the years, Cornellà is now diving into an emerging art form where fans can continue to show support for his incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking creations.

Digital art has long been undervalued in large part because it is so freely available. The introduction of NFTs has been shaking up the art world, adding the crucial ingredients of authenticity and scarcity to show the value of digital art. The movement is an effort to economically legitimize artists’ talent and creative process. It is quickly becoming one of the most valuable art forms of our time.

Cornellà is highly-regarded on the international stage. His works have graced the art
scenes from worldwide and have been offered at auctions multiple times. The record price for Cornellà at auction is $129,862 USD for Untitled #1, sold at Phillips Hong Kong in 2021. Early this year, he released a solo museum exhibition in Shanghai organized by AllRightsReserved. Having worked on digital art for years, Cornellà is now turning a new page in the virtual world.

The 5,555 unique avatars including 50 legendary artworks will drop in April 2022, split between the whitelists, public sale in dutch auction and the team. Each is uniquely hand-drawn by Cornellà using over 200 unique attributes. The creatures are in Cornellà’s iconic male and female character.

FWENCLUB “Put me on your WL” Whitelist Contest on Instagram Reels is Now Live!

A month ago, FWENCLUB brought “People In The Place The Love” NFT collection by
Yusuke Hanai and gained tremendous support from the community. FWENCLUB will
continue to surprise its FWENs with ever-growing benefits and offers. The NFTs holders of the “People In The Place The Love” NFT collection by Yusuke Hanai, can enjoy exclusively the 400 whitelist quota of “MOAR by Joan Cornellà” NFT drop this time.

“MOAR by Joan Cornellà” will enter the metaverse in November, 2022. Grand opening of “MOAR” and a virtual exhibition will take place. To celebrate the launch of “MOAR by Joan Cornellà” NFT collection, FWENCLUB specially produced a brand-new song “Put me on your WL” in response to the overwhelming whitelist requests in a playful and cheerful way. FWENs can use the song and create their own interesting video on Instagram Reels for a chance to get whitelisted. For users who doesn’t have Reels features, please find the audio from Discord to create your video. Upload it to your Instagram and tag us! FWENs are welcomed to use any content like drawing, singing and even dancing to let us know why you love a whitelist spot. 50 whitelist spots will be available and each spot can mint a maximum of 2 NFTs.

Upon the announcement of whitelist contest last night, overwhelming supports and
creative submissions have been received. Check out FWENCLUB Discord, Instagram & Twitter to enjoy! For more whitelist information, please stay tuned on the FWENCLUB’s platforms.

On top of the whitelist contest, a mini game and community rewards will be revealed in May and June 2022. Let us witness one of the greatest art and metaverse experiences together.

Backed by 30+ Celebrities & NFT Gurus Including KAWS, Adrian Cheng, Jay Chou, JJ Lin & Brooklyn Beckham

“MOAR by Joan Cornellà” debut is met by crazed following! A number of avatars were first released at 9PM HKT last night (15 March), over 30 top tier celebrities, NFT & finance gurus, fashion and art collectors have showed their supports for Cornellà and shared the news on their social platforms, including KAWS, Adrian Cheng, Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Brooklyn Beckham, Victor Cruz, Vanness Wu, Show Lo, Bolin Chen, Kozue Akimoto, Keiji Kuroki @EXILE, Mandy Sekiguchi @EXILE, Kathy Zheng, Hirofumi Kiyonaga, David Shrigley, Hanai Yusuke, Ryan Travis Christian, Little Thunder (in no particular order).

“I started by making silent comics to experiment on social media, which has been
instrumental to show my work to a wide audience. Most people know me through the internet, so I owe a lot to this medium. By trying different things, I can express myself through my works in different mediums. It’s always good to try new things and here comes my first-ever NFT collection. I believe working with FWENCLUB can bring new interesting creations.” said Joan Cornellà.”

“MOAR by Joan Cornellà” NFT Whitelist Details:

Date: Started (15 March) 9PM HKT |9AM EDT – 19 March 12PM HKT | 12am EDT

Go to @FWENCLUB Instagram Reels, tap on the original song “Put me on your WL” then make your own creation

DANCE, SING, DRAW, do whatever you like!

Tag @FWENCLUB & hashtag #putmeonyourWL with your Discord ID on your Reels text

Share it to your story and tag us! Make sure your account is public.

Join FWENCLUB Discord and engage with the community.

No obscene, offensive & violent content is allowed
Winners will be announced in FWENCLUB IG story from time to time
50 WL spots are reserved for this contest, 2 mint max for each spot

For users who doesn’t have Reels features, please find the audio from FWENCLUB Discord to create your video. Upload it to your Instagram and tag us! Tag @FWENCLUB & hashtag #putmeonyourWL with your Discord ID

For users who doesn’t have an INSTAGRAM account, please upload your video in the FWENCLUB’s thread “joan-wl-contest” to join the contest.

Official Website:

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