Handover Gin is Hong Kong’s first locally produced Gin infusing the complexity of Hong Kong into every handcrafted small batch, and it’s proudly presented by Hong Kong Distillery.

Hong Kong’s cocktail scene is world-renowned. Never short on variety, bars with world-class mixologists, and decor made for a lasting impression- yet Hong Kong doesn’t have a distillery that is home-grown. Until now! We are so excited to share that there is a new distillery in town that we can be proud of! Handover Gin is Hong Kong’s first craft and undoubtedly be one of the trailblazers! It has been in progress since 2014 when Founder Steven Newton took delivery of his first custom-tested equipment and built a small test lab in a unit upstairs from his apartment. A couple of years later, Hong Kong Distillery has moved to a bigger space in Tsuen Wan and is now producing small batches of artisanal gin like no other.

Originally from New Zealand, Newton has developed a passion for hand craftsmanship from a young age. Living in the pristine country where it is legal to make spirits for personal consumption, he has been producing spirits on a small scale for friends and family to enjoy since the age of 18. To further sharpen the skill and be in tune with the global spirit trend, Newton has been travelling to the United States in the past 4 years to be trained as an Artisan Distiller. Taking it to the next level, it is now produced for consumers with an affinity for the crisp, fresh botanical taste of Handover Gin.The Already Award-winning Gin

With its launch this year, Handover Gin is not entirely new in the scene. It has already acquired awards for its distinct taste and distillery process. Handover Gin has wowed leading F&B professionals, wine and spirit educators, importers, critics and journalists by winning Silver Awards twice in a row at Cathay Pacific International Wine and Spirit in 2017 and 2018. Among world-class spirit producers from Scotland, Italy, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Handover Gin is proud to be recognized with high quality, unique flavours and smooth blend.




The ingredients that make this gin truly Hong Kong

Classic ginseng (人參) lends a luscious earthiness, balanced by the delicate citrus notes of bitter orange (酸橙). Chinese cinnamon (肉桂) has a warming effect, while the effects of horny goat weed (淫羊藿) are legendary. In all, eleven organic botanicals complement the fundamental essence of fresh juniper, resulting in a gin that honours a past tradition while establishing a new one.

As rich and vibrant as the culture that inspired it, Handover Gin is the true spirit of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Distillery plans to bring the tasteful delight to more gin-lovers, so next time when you order a glass of cocktail or gin and tonic at a local bar, don’t forget to capture a little bit of Hong Kong in it.


Show your support for Hong Kong’s first distillery: 

With your generous support for their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, running until 4 Jan 2019, you can help make their dreams come true. Early contributors can enjoy a discount to buy limited-edition Handover Gin, join Founder’s Club, name recognition, branded T-shirt, launch party passes or a mixology class.

INDIGO Crowdfunding: Be one of the first to taste Handover Gin: Buy & support the campaign here

The Distillery

(Hong Kong Distillery is located in Tsuen Wan, HK. They have a 100-litre custom artisan still with an eight-plate column for producing small-batch spirit runs for local and international consumptions.

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