Inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquility, The Ritual of Jing helps you create a personal sanctuary where you can escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. Discover this collection built out of two ranges: Relax & Sleep. Infusing the two ranges in this collection into your daily routines will help you relax, calm the mind, and improve the quality of your sleep. It’s essential to relax the mind, as your daily state of mind influences the quality of your sleep.

The Relax range contributes to full relaxation with its floral and warm fragrance – based on the essential oils Sacred Lotus and Jujube – providing a calming and soothing experience due to the composition of a lovely bouquet of delicate and intense blossoms combined with the softness of woods and musks. Relax and calm your body and mind with this long-lasting soothing fragrance throughout the day.

The Sleep collection helps you discover your path to inner peace just before bed time. This range features a tranquil fragrance – based on the essential oils of Lavender and Sacred Wood – that helps to promote the quality of your sleep. It opens up with fresh, citrus notes but shows an elegant and precious heart of lavender, leading to a well-balanced woody and musky base. Finish your day with this warm, peaceful fragrance and prepare for sleep with a serene and tranquil routine.

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