With Indigo Living, take the chance to elevate your at-home ambience for an elegant homecation. Spruce up your surroundings and boost the spirit of you and your loved ones as you transform your home into your own personal utopia – a private retreat to take respite from outside noise.


Calm and comforting, this season is all about the contemporary contoured forms of Sleek Curves. Switch off with a light filled minimalist monochromatic interior, complete with curved
silhouettes and rich fabrics that let you focus on self-care and being with those you love. Freedom and creativity come to the forefront as organic-inspired designs, clean padded structures and tactile natural materials seamlessly fold into one another to provide the pared back zen escape we all need.

Emanating cosiness and warmth, standouts include the Geneva Bouclé Cream Sofa (HK$14,990) and Sal Bench (HK$4,990) and Pouf (HK$2,590), artfully layered with the circular forms of the Nester Coffee Table Combination (HK$13,470) to add visual depth.

The architectural curves of a textured matte white concrete Arched Console Table (HK$10,990) grounds the room and serves as the perfect mantle for vivid Sleek Curves on Canvas artwork
(HK$5,490) to complement the neutral grays and whites of your space with a splash of serene blue and aqua hues. Alternatively, opt for Abstract Organic II Artwork (HK$3,990) as an earthy,
contrasting expression.

Accentuate key focal points such as the classic Lexi Concrete Sideboard (HK$15,990) and Abigail Mirror (HK$3,990) with natural soothing accents of cool water blues and mineral greens. The Yuniku Tall Vase (HK$649) and Low Vase (HK$649) along with Agate Coasters in Green and Gold (HK$690) are easy ways to add fresh colour and balance.

For even more playful touches, integrate free form shapes and elegantly curved edges made of cool, rich materials such as marble with the Circa White Marble Side Table (HK$7,990) alongside agate and polished concrete. Items such as the Contrast Stripes Marble Tray (HK$1,990) and Quant Rectangle Box (HK$599) are also a great way to inject energetic contrasting stripes that further enliven the space.


Recreate the easy breezy coastal beach escape and bring the outdoors in with Forever Blue, a trend that captures that fresh, light ocean feeling with nautical, organic silhouettes. Start with a sandy white base centred around feature pieces like the beautiful veined white Eclipse Coffee Table (HK$12,990).

Interspersing gold highlights with the white helps keep things light and open, while ocean blue hues in pieces like the Roxy Chair, Moonlight (HK$5,490) act as your key accent colour, perfect for pairing with nature inspired patterns such as blooming flowers in the Forever Blue Cabinet (HK$16,490), Paper Cut Art pieces (HK$8,990-10,290) or even the Chintz Pompom Cushion Cover (HK$549).

Accessorise the living room and dining areas with sea-themed shapes for an understated yet thematic elegance. A leafy Foliage Metal Display Bowl (HK$2,290) is the perfect centrepiece for the Cecile Marble Dining Table (HK$28,990) while the Shell on Stand (HK$499), Coral Sculptures (HK$790-1,090) and translucent materials such as the White Marble Hurricane (HK$1,090-1,290) are all fun, gorgeous pieces for display shelves that bring the space together.


Understated elegance comes to life as the fresh new Tokyo Moment collection focuses on bringing a sense of peace to your space while embracing the beauty of being perfectly imperfect. Standout pieces include the Odi Chair, Fabric (HK$3,990) and Tokyo Screen, Black (HK$6,990) with matte charcoal black frames to add contrast and balance to your zen interior.

Tokyo Moment is typified by authentic craftsmanship that refines rustic and natural materials to create beautiful, soothing, laid-back furniture pieces. Textured, tactile, woven rattan in pieces such as the Tokyo Cabinet (HK$8,990) and Tokyo Sideboard (HK$12,990) are complemented by natural solid ash wood to create a sense of harmony and strength to the room, while raised brass legs emphasise a feeling of lightness and space.

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