Ringing in the holiday season, MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream joins hands with Interval to deliver 5-star Christmas delights in the form of a mouth-watering, premium Festive Dessert menu. Available from 3rd to 31st December, 2020, the Festive Dessert menu includes three desserts – Boxing Day, Alba’s Winter, and Thanksgiving – which feature three delectable MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream flavours – Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, and Raspberry Sorbet.

As a special Christmas gift, customers who purchase MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream at a MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream Pop-up Store location will receive a discount voucher* to purchase a Festive Dessert at Interval. In addition, customers who purchase a Festive Dessert at Interval can enjoy a buy one, get one free scoop at MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream Pop-up Store locations. *Limited quantity available, first come, first served, terms and conditions apply

MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream and Interval share the values of incredible commitment, attention to quality and an artisanal approach to the respective crafts. MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream is the ultimate indulgence this Christmas to enjoy some holiday cheer and the collaboration with Interval is a creative new outlet for both brands to deliver an entirely new dessert experience for you to enjoy with loved ones. For a chic and unforgettably sweet celebration this Christmas, indulge in MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream x Interval at the beautiful Interval space in Central.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream to offer a new premium holiday experience at Interval. Creating these truly delicious MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream desserts was an extremely rewarding process –  we were blown away with how the flavour and creaminess of MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream lent itself to the desserts. We can’t wait to share these Festive Dessert creations with our fans for the holidays,” says Josh Ng, Co-Founder of Interval and Twins Kitchen.

Boxing Day with MÖVENPICK® Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Ice Cream
Named after Boxing Day, the comforting post-Christmas day of rest and relaxation, customers will feel right at ease digging into this festive dessert. The richness of chocolate chunks and chocolate sauce is perfectly complemented with Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia in MÖVENPICK® Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Ice Cream. Salted caramel sauce adds even more depth of flavour while coconut flakes bring a new dimension to this beloved treat.

Alba’s Winter with MÖVENPICK® Vanilla Dream Ice Cream
An original winter wonderland awaits with Alba’s Winter, the extra sophisticated take on everyone’s favourite MÖVENPICK® Vanilla Dream Ice Cream. This ice cream’s iconic creamy vanilla flavour meets the delicate crunch of hazelnuts and the unexpected twist of white truffle cream. Festively plated with mint leaves, blueberries and pops of lavender in the form of edible flowers, try Alba’s Winter for a new take on the holiday season.

Thanksgiving with MÖVENPICK® Raspberry Sorbet
Taking inspiration from the bountiful smorgasbord of a hearty Thanksgiving meal, the new Thanksgiving festive dessert brings subtly tart flavours together to work in symphony. Flavour-packed and irresistibly refreshing MÖVENPICK® Raspberry Sorbet made from hand-picked raspberries meets the tang of citrus powder, while a dash of herb oil delicately balances the dessert’s sweetness. Crispy bites add a textural element, adding a touch of surprise and joy to the mouthfeel of every spoonful. 

Experience the joyful spirit of the holiday season with this festive 5-star MÖVENPICK® Ice Cream x Interval Festive Dessert experience at Interval (UG/F, 33 Wellington St., Central).

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