Fenty Beauty introduces the ultimate do-it-all mascara designed for full-on, fanned-out eye-opening lashes, featuring an exclusive flat-to-fat brush that instantly volumizes, lifts, lengthens & curls. 

Get full-on lashes like never before with Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara. Designed to deliver Rihanna’s full lash look, Full Frontal’s do-it-all formula is proven to volumize, lengthen, lift & curl lashes—exposing every little lash with eye-opening definition.

Full Frontal’s lightweight, ultra black formula was specifically paired with an exclusive flat-to-fat brush: The FAT side holds max product to quickly load and lift lashes; the FLAT side defines and curls. And thanks to the round, pointed tip, you can load up and reveal every little lash you never knew you had. We’re talking flat to fat… just like that.

Full Frontal builds easily, too, giving you plenty of playtime to layer, define, separate—whatever it is you need to do to create the look you want. And thanks to the longwear, water-resistant formula life- tested by Rihanna to stand up to smudging, sweat and tears, this mascara keeps up while you turn up, keeping lashes fully exposed from root to tip until you’re ready to wash it off.

How To: 
Use the FAT side to load and lift, wiggling at the base of your lashes to build volume. Use the FLAT side to comb through and define, curl, and separate. Use the pointed tip to coat the hardest-to- reach lashes in the inner corners. Layer as desired.

Artistry Pro Tips:
– For max volume, make sure the FAT side of the brush is fully loaded. Layer until you reach your desired effect. 
– For max curl, use the FLAT side of the brush to push up lashes while coating them from root to tip. 
– For max length, use the pointed tip of the brush and apply vertically, focusing on your lash ends. 

Rihanna’s way: 
Rihanna loves to accentuate her eye shape with a fanned-out lash look. To achieve this, add extra layers to just the outer edges of your lashes while brushing them outward. 

“I like to get every single little lash to expose them all. I wanted to make sure this mascara lets you do that. You get volume, lift, and curl all with one product and this amazing brush.”
– Rihanna

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara is available tomorrow at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Beauty Bazaar, and Beauty Avenue.

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