Wildsmith Skin, from England, is debuting in Hong Kong in late May this year.

Crafted in England with nutrient- rich botanicals, boosted with metallic elements and a new generation of plant-derived bioactives. Wildsmith Skin combines science with nature to create products that deliver clinically proven results. This is RADICAL BOTANY.

Sourced sustainably, respectfully and ethically – the range features fragrances and luxurious textures that deliver uncompromising results and a truly mindful experience.

Drawing on research and precise formulations, the brand is a vanguard advancing the benefits of natural science in skincare. Wildsmith Skin work with leading cosmetic clinical trial specialists to conduct targeted independent trials that test the effectiveness of their formulations.


Heckfield Place, one of the UK’s finest and most beguiling getaways, is home and inspiration to the modern skincare brand Wildsmith Skin.

Hidden inside a beautiful and secluded 438-acre Hampshire estate, an hour’s drive from the hustle and bustle of central London, Heckfield Place’s original arboretum, was planted in the 19th century by pioneering horticulturalist William Walker Wildsmith.

Heckfield is a botanical marvel. Both tamed and gently wild, the skilfully planted terraced flower garden and pleasure grounds have seen the growth of not only gracious botanicals, but also of Wildsmith Skin. The Little Bothy Spa in the grounds offers all natural treatments and exclusive products from the brand.



As we age, collagen and elastin fibres break down and the cellular production of these essential elements of the skin’s matrix  slows. The  skin loses  its  structure  and ability to retain water. The result can be dry skin that lacks density and firmness, along with premature signs of ageing. The  Platinum Booster is  a  targeted booster clinically proven to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase collagen density and boost skin hydration levels.


*Encapsulated oxygen: assists with the metabolic processes of collagen production, producing a ‘healing’ skin response, increasing microcirculation and cell turnover;

*Platinum delivery system: introduces a powerful peptide into the deeper layers of the skin, which increases the production of collagen and elastin;

*Moss cell cultures: improves skin health at a cellular level – improving the function of the cell nucleus, ensuring that essential DNA replication and protein synthesis is optimised for younger-looking skin.

Tips: Use in the morning after cleansing or anytime for an instant boost. Apply 1-2 pumps onto dry skin, massaging firmly in an upwards and outwards direction.


*83% of subjects showed a significant anti-wrinkle effect of 11% immediately
*94% of subjects presented a significant increase in skin hydration of +41%


As we age, collagen and elastin fibres break down and the cellular production of these essential elements of the skin’s matrix slows. The result can be sagging skin that lacks density, with undefined skin contours. A copper peptide complex helps to activate cell metabolism, boosting the energy required to produce collagen and elastin fibres, providing a significant skin-contouring effect.


*Copper peptides: help to activate cell metabolism, providing biochemical energy for vital cell processes such as protein synthesis, and to stimulate collagen production, anti-inflammatory actions and tissue repair;

*Kahai (cacay nut) oil: rich in natural retinol (vitamin A), linoleic acid (vitamin F) and vitamin E, to help reverse the signs of premature ageing;

*Prickly Pear seed oil: contains antioxidants, vitamin E, skin-softening vitamin K plus essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish.

Tips: Use morning and evening, after cleansing. Apply 1-2 pumps directly onto dry skin, massaging firmly in an upwards and outwards direction.


A powerful treatment cream clinically proven to help activate cell metabolism, boosting the energy required to produce collagen and elastin fibres and for processes such as cellular renewal, promising significant skin restructuring and collagen re-densifying.


*Copper peptides: help to activate cell metabolism, providing biochemical energy for vital cell processes such as protein synthesis, and to stimulate collagen production, anti- inflammatory actions and tissue repair;

*Paracress flower: a myorelaxant to reduce facial contractions. Combined with other botanical extracts that help boost fibroblast activity to improve skin firmness and smoothness;

*Moringa seed oil: contains 90 different nutrients, 46 antioxidants, proteins and 36 anti-inflammatory agents, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

Tips: Use morning and evening, after cleansing. Apply 1-2 Wildsmith Skin spoons onto dry skin, massaging firmly in an upwards and outwards direction.

Active Repair Nourishing Cleaning Balm HK$735/200ml

During the day, skin is exposed to environmental pollution, while a build-up of make-up and excess oils can cause congestion. The result can be dull and dehydrated skin with breakouts or premature signs of ageing. A blend of plant-based oils breaks down natural and synthetic surface oils, pollutants and make-up, for deeply cleansed, soft, hydrated and protected skin.


*Rosehip oil: protects and repairs with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, plus essential fatty acids to help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation;

*Meadowfoam seed oil: helps slow moisture loss from the skin via long chain fatty acids;

*Calendula oil: offers antiseptic and antimicrobial properties to help speed wound healing, relieve acne and soothe skin irritation.

Tips: Use morning and evening to begin your skincare routine. Warm 2-3 Wildsmith Skin spoons of balm on fingertips, massage onto face and neck. Remove with warm water and cloth from the centre of the face outwards.


A blend of physical exfoliants including walnut shell powder, to help shed dead cells on the surface of the skin to facilitate the process of cell renewal. The 100  %  natural blend of exfoliants smooths and refines skin for a more radiant, glowing complexion.


*Walnut shell powder: gently polishes away dead skin cells;

*Rosehip seed powder: rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acids to help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation;

*Bentonite clay: helps draw toxins from the pores, allowing skin to heal, reduce inflammation, redness and pigmentation.

Tips: Use once a week. Mix 1 Wildsmith spoon of polisher into 2-3 Wildsmith Skin spoons of Nourishing Cleansing Balm, massage onto face and neck. Remove in a circular motion with warm water and cloth for extra exfoliation.


During the day, skin is exposed to environmental pollution and stress. The inflammatory result can cause dull and dehydrated skin with irritation or premature signs of ageing. Used at night SUPER OIL will calm and sooth your skin.

A blend of omega-rich oils, selected for their anti-inflammatory properties, soothes and hydrates skin, helping to repair and maintain the moisturisation barrier. Vitamins A, C and E offer powerful antioxidant protection from cell damage and vitamin K from Prickly Pear helps to brighten the skin.


*African Star Grass contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compound Rooperol plus antibacterial agents.

*Prickly Pear Oil contains antioxidant Vitamin E and skin-softening Vitamin K, plus essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish.

*Camellia Seed Oil is rich in omega 3, 6, 9 and is soothing and nourishing.

*Mongongo Oil is deeply nourishing, rich in vitamins E, C. contain antioxidant activities, great for repairing damaged skin.

*Karanja Seed Oil, Rose Geranium, Lavender Oil, Frankincense Gum Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, Helichrysum Oil are all anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic.

*Kahai (Cacay Nut) Oil rich in omega 6, soothes inflammation, and protects against free radical damage.

*Lady’s Thistle Oil helps relieve skin redness and irritation.

*Jasmine Absolute Oil moisturising and soothing, helps stimulate the fibroblasts with an increase epidermal cell turnover.

*Angelica Root is detoxifying and purifying for the blood and lymphatic systems.

*Rosemary Leaf Oil has antiseptic properties, antibacterial, helps improve blood circulation , skin regeneration and epidermal cell turnover.

*Ylang Ylang is an antiseptic, rejuvenating, calming and soothing.

*Benzoin Resin Extract is antibacterial, anti–irritation, reduces skin redness.


Beauty Bible award winner


A powerful hydrator, this soothing multi-purpose balm is enriched with ceramides, vitamin E and a nourishing blend of plant oils to restore and protect lips, cuticles, elbows, heels or any areas of extremely dry skin. Dry, cracked, and sensitive skin can be caused by a lipid deficiency.

These deficiencies are often influenced by both environmental and lifestyle factors, resulting in sore and irritated skin. The ceramide complex in the balm works to replenish the lipids in the skin’s epidermis to help retain moisture and prevent dehydration whilst reinforcing the skin barrier.


*CeramideBio Complex provides hydration and nourishment to soothe the symptoms of dry skin, whilst restructuring compounds help to repair, restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier to seal in moisture and prevent further water loss.

*Vitamin E softens, soothes and strengthens the skin. Its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties support the process of skin repair.

*Shea Butter contains a high concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids to nourish and hydrate the skin.

*Calendula Oil has anti-inflammatory properties to combat the causes and symptoms of dry skin, whilst soothing and easing irritation.

*Rosehip Oil is rich in vitamins C and E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to restore dry, flaking skin.

*Avocado Oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to help ease symptoms of dry, irritated skin and is abundant in nourishing fatty acids.

*Olive Oil supports skin rejuvenation and promotes skin elasticity, while deeply hydrating.


Skin around the eyes is very sensitive to environmental stress. Aggressors like UV, pollution, fatigue and ageing trigger an inflammatory reaction in the skin that can result in dark circles, puffiness and premature signs of ageing. Elderflowers are rich in flavonoids and other polyphenols for strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. It works to decrease inflammation, reduce the expression of anchoring proteins that causes blood plasma to pass into skin cells, resulting in puffiness, and to reduce iron oxidation of the blood, which causes dark circles. Paracress Flowers have been shown to boost the function of fibroblasts, which in turn produce more elastin and collagen, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


*An active extract from Elderberry Flowers acts on blood cells and proteins under the skin to help to reduce dark circles, inflammation and puffiness around the eyes.

*Paracress Flower helps to reinforce the architecture of the dermis and fights the signs of ageing by stimulating the biomechanical functions of fibroblasts, boosting elastin and collagen production.

*Green Coffee Extract has a higher content of chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans. It contains caffeine and other polyphenols that combat free radicals, help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provide antioxidant and anti-pollution action.

*A polysaccharide extracted from the Larch Tree helps to prevent water loss from the skin, improving hydration levels.


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