Renowned Japanese restaurant, Obihiro Hageten take guests on a culinary journey around Hokkaido with a new a la carte menu featuring enticing kyodo-ryori dishes. Adapting modern presentation with traditional Japanese cooking techniques, the new menu will feature regional delicacies made with fresh ingredients flown in directly from Japan.

Local specialties, often referred to as ‘kyodo-ryori’ varies in 47 different prefectures in Japan. Most of the dishes are prepared with local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.
While Japanese fine-dining represents the pinnacle of culinary techniques, this beloved hearty dishes focuses on classic home recipes of Japanese cuisine.

An Iconic Hokkaido Specialties – Soup Curry

Obihiro Hageten introduces a new turmeric-rich Sapporo Soup Curry with a choice between
Junwakei chicken (HK$158) or vegetables (HK$138). Whichever you choose, the ingredients2
are simmered over medium heat in a pungent broth, creating a fragrant and hearty soup that
will have you coming back for more.

Soup Curry is an iconic soul kyodo-ryori cuisine originating from Sapporo, Japan. The combination of the flavorful broth and Indian spices results in a heartwarming dish with a
fiery punch, typically topped with chunks of meat or vegetables to celebrate the abundance of
local harvests. As one of Hokkaido’s most beloved regional dishes, soup curry is the perfect
go-to meal for a light yet satisfying meal.

Unique Cuisine of Hokkaido – New A La Carte Menu
The newly launch a la carte menu features an array of delectable kyodo-ryori dishes including
Ishikari Hot Pot (HK$248) that consists of salmon, potatoes, corn, assorted seafood and vegetables, served in a rich butter miso stock. Minced Chicken Meatballs in Hokkaido Cream Sauce (HK$98) is a dish inspired by world famous dairy products from Hokkaido products and executed with local home-style cooking techniques. Grilled Scallop with Butter (HK$138) uses thick and fresh Hokkaido scallops and melted butter to create an irresistible umami flavor.

From the sea, guests can enjoy Grilled Turban Shell in Sake (HK$98), beautifully presented in a seashell. The freshness of the turban shell is gently enhanced with the use of sake, resulting in a flavorful and succulent flesh. Premium Kinki Fish Hot Pot (HK$628), featuring exquisite Kinki fish often known as the ‘red jewel of the sea’. The dish is not only pleasant on the palate, but soothing and beneficial for the soul. Other items not to be missed include Hirami with Yuzu and Onion Sauce (HK$148), Japanese Style Shrimp Cake (HK$48), Sea Urchin Fried Rice (HK$188) and more.

Traditional Japanese Kyodo-Ryori Eatery
As the first international outpost, Obihiro Hageten brings authentic Hokkaido cuisine to the
heart of Hong Kong. Shoroku Yano, founder of Obihiro Hageten, believes “the success of a
restaurant lies in its ability to uphold a high standard”. Additionally, a restaurateur must always
be ready to make the necessary tradeoffs and sacrifices to source the best ingredients available. Up until the present day, third-generation owner Sei Yano continues to adhere to the founder’s core culinary philosophy of “enchanting flavors of great dishes come from quality ingredients” by using the best seasonal produce where possible.

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