Known for their progressive approach and unique visual style, London creative agency, Made Thought decode the Fred Perry brand DNA in a new collaboration.

The 5-4-4 lies at the centre of everything Fred Perry do, and Made Thought immerse themselves in this intrinsic code with a new graphic interpretation. A celebration of the instantly recognisable design details in Fred Perry’s heritage, the 5-4-4 is an ownable code for the ultimate fan.

Legend has it that a buyer from Lillywhites requested the addition of football team colours to the plain-colour Fred Perry Shirt. It subsequently became the first piece to carry the brand’s signature twin tipping at the collar and cuff, which is made up of embroidered lines in the 5-4-4 ratio. It started with the colours of West Ham United, now each colourway has its own story.

Made in Leicester, England, the M12 Fred Perry Shirt hasn’t changed since it was originally designed by Fred in the ‘50s. It was the piece that took the brand from sportswear to streetwear, and with all the same design details as the original, it’s a true piece of subcultural uniform. Built on a monochrome palette, the collection features graphic blocks and a bold numerical representation of the tipping across classic Fred Perry sportswear shapes.

Made Thought was formed in 2000 by Ben Parker and Paul Austin, whose creative aim is the same today as it was then – to bring together intelligent thinking and beautifully crafted design. It is their aim to always go beyond the expected and create visual stories that will provoke, engage and create desire.

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