The ‘You Good? I’m Good.’ T-shirt has become a trademark for IRENEISGOOD Label, aiming to spread good vibes to everyone. It is a conversation starter and a welcoming invitation to ask someone about how they are doing. This has been the main philosophy behind IRENEISGOOD Label from the beginning, fueled by Irene’s belief that the world could use more expressions of love and encouragement.

The ‘You Good? I’m Good.’ challenge is about spreading positivity and good vibes to those around us. The challenge is quite simple, but also a time to reflect on thoughts and emotions. The first step is to take a picture wearing the ‘You Good? I’m Good.’ T-shirt somewhere that makes you happy. The second step is writing about what makes you feel good. This will allow you to look back and appreciate what you have.

The main goal of this challenge is to share good vibes with everyone, no matter how small it may seem. We hope that it will start a conversation and keep the good energy flowing! We always want to be GOOD FOR YOU.

Stay tuned as notable influencers are invited to kick off the challenge. Follow via @ireneisgoodlabel #YOUGOODIMGOODCHALLENGE #GOODFORYOU #IRENEISGOODLABEL

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