An extension of The Cakery, KIRR (Keeping It Real and Raw) is a new online platform that makes sustainability more accessible to everyone and encourages individuals to change their living habits to a more sustainable practice. Debuting in August 2019, KIRR aims to focus on changing public misconceptions about sustainability and building a clean and sustainable “kommunity” with the mission of making the world a better place. 

The KIRR platform will offer a range eco-friendly products on the market, from ingredients, fashion, and accessories, to homeware and active-wear. With just a click of a mouse, consumers can effortlessly adopt a greener lifestyle, with products delivered straight to their doorstep.  Self-pick-up from any The Cakery location is also available.

In order to make change, holistic living begins with an individual’s routine. In a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, the cycle of throwing away contributes heavily to carbon emissions and, therefore, climate change. There is a dire need to address this area of living, which begins at home. KIRR supports slow fashion, sustainable and eco-friendly homeware, including clean beauty and children’s toys.

In helping individuals to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, KIRR offers bulk-buy of basic ingredients to encourage meal-cooking and reducing food waste and plastic consumption. In keeping with The Cakery’s commitment to a more healthful lifestyle, a wide range of gluten-free, organic and vegan ingredients, from flour to seasonings are all available to be purchased in bulk.

KIRR provides a carefully curated selection of healthy snacks, for those who crave nourishing foods that are real and raw. These environmentally-conscious nibbles create less of a burden on the ecosystem and are sourced locally or internationally, depending on the best options. KIRR aims to support local businesses that supply the crème de la crème. Products range from cookies and chips to plant-based milk and superfood drinks.

“With Hong Kong’s landfills expected to reach their full capacity by 2020, big changes must be made. With easy virtual access, online platforms make it easier to convert to everyday green living. There are many misconceptions about having a sustainable lifestyle. We believe many works need to be done to educate people and therefore it is important to build a kommunity to share information and ideas in a fun way. It’s our goal to make sustainable living easily accessible and that is why I have founder KIRR,” says The Cakery and KIRR Founder Shirley Kwok.

Customers can follow KIRR’s wellness blog to receive tips, recipes and news on current health trends, as well as information on upcoming events and workshops.

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