This year health has shifted as a top priority for many and as such are opening up to vegan dining exploration. Ma…and The Seeds of Life sets itself apart as a culinary celebration of flavorful raw vegan creations that tantalise our palates in a clean and healthy way, where dishes burst with gorgeous colour, explode with raw flavour and
energise and are packed with rich nutrients. Set in a cool, sleek space in SoHo, Central,
Ma…and The Seeds of Life will draw a conscious dining crowd, vegan or otherwise –
foodies all, seeking a destination dining experience that is fun, fresh, feel-good and
cruelty-free starting early November. In the kitchen, Curator Tina Barrat, the Hong Kong based French jewellery designer turned raw-food maestro, crafts culinary gems that showcase the splendour of natural ingredients.

Situated on the 1st floor of H18 CONET in Graham Street, the 1,800-square-foot restaurant is a chic oasis of grey stone and natural wood, in which predominantly matte tones intersperse with shiny surfaces and opaque glass. It’s the ideal muted palette for the main attraction: the beautifully crafted culinary creations. Those who don’t eat meat, seafood, dairy or processed food for ethical or health reasons will relish Ma…and The Seeds of Life’s lively, classy vibe; those who normally do, won’t notice, since Barrat’s dishes are as satisfying as they are healthy, and pure.

An Inviting, Raw-Vegan and Cruelty-Free Dining Experience

Raw veganism is about no heat-treating beyond the point of life for any of their food.
This means that food is consumed at a fully raw state, soaked, sprouted, dehydrated at
low temperatures, or gently warmed up which means it is packed with its original
nutrients density. Barrat’s fresh take on raw veganism will surely bring diners on a
mesmerizing gastronomic journey and raise awareness of raw veganism benefits, such as boosting the digestive system, supporting weight loss and fuelling the body of life energy to get through our fast paced lives in Hong Kong.

Fine-dining staples are cleverly and colourfully recreated to avoid harming animals or the environment. For starters, caviar becomes chiaviar, energy-boosting chia seeds providing a heady, eco-conscious alternative to endangered sturgeon roe. Rillettes are sans-salmon, the carpaccio is beetroot, and faux-gras pâté, blending porcini mushrooms and cashew nuts, replaces the force-fed cruelty of foie gras. Giant, juicy Portobello mushrooms smothered in cashew truffle sauce form nourishing burgers (HK$250), and zoodles (raw zucchini noodles) are enriched with tantalising sauces, from tomato, caper and black olive to pesto, pine nut and arugula (HK$198).

All produce is natural and of the finest quality. Cooked dishes, such as orange and fennel soup (HK$150/main size, HK$75 appetizer size), and Grilled King Oyster Scallop (HK$250), are deliciously wholesome, and in the many raw preparations – food heated below 45 degrees Celsius and not processed in any way – the chef’s creative juices really flow. It was Barrat’s discovery of raw veganism that changed her career and her life. Inspired by British chef Russell James and later certified by Elaina Love of the Pure Joy Culinary Academy, she closed her design business and opened a small restaurant, Maya Café. Garnering a gourmet following, she planted the seeds for the full expression of her flavoursome, nutritional, plantbased culinary philosophy, which is now realised at Ma…and The Seeds of Life.

The guiltless pleasures of Barrat’s meatless, no-seafood, no-dairy approach extends to the desserts, which are gluten-free, and often sugar-free. The Classic Tinamisu (HK$95) is a light, frothy coffee, chocolate and vanilla concoction, while low-carb ketogenic flour fuels tempting tortes of chocolate, matcha or yuzu. Cheesecakes (made with fermented nut cheese) are zesty when infused with passion fruit or lychee rose (HK$75), or spicy when laced with frankincense (HK$85), one of a variety of essential oils liberally used in the kitchen, and the superfood spirulina. House-made non-dairy cheeses, sliced to enjoy in the restaurant or to take home whole, include North Pole Star (HK$180/whole wheel) and Shamembert (HK$220/whole wheel, HK$120/mini wheel). And back to the savouries, there’s a marvellously melty cheese fondue for two to share (HK$498).

Ma…and The Seeds of Life also offers an adventurous wine selection, whether to match the mains or cheeses, or to complement canapés served from 3pm to 6pm, including Faux-gras and fig on almond toast (HK$88), and carrot hummus, white chiaviar and sun-dried tomato (HK$78). Organic and biodynamic wines are represented in a strong cellar, encompassing favourite names from Barrat’s homeland, alongside other European producers and choices from the New World. The majority are vegan, having not been fined, filtered or had any contact with animal or dairy products. De-alcoholised wine is also available, while a range of sake brings a subtle alternative to the generous grape. Filtered water (free of fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals) is used for food preparation and cooking, as well as drinking.

Bringing Nature into The Vibrant Dining Space

A swish oval bar near the restaurant entrance can seat eight in a ring of bronze and glass. Wooden tables are set amid the serene grey décor, to which full-length windows and clusters of dangling lamps add an airy elegance. Greenery makes a statement at the best table in the house, which features green-upholstered chairs, floating green art, and tatami-inspired sliding panels of frosted glass to provide privacy for parties of up to 10. Smiling, knowledgeable servers are on hand to engage with diners, ensuring that the joy the Ma…and The Seeds of Life team brings to each of vibrant vegan plates is felt by all.

Ma…and The Seeds of Life pays homage to Mother Nature who protects, provides for and beautifies life. “Making everything from scratch in the kitchen reveals the true taste of the food and nourishes the body as it was naturally intended to do,” Barrat enthuses. “In addition, the strong sense of colour and composition that served me so well as a designer now allows me to present nature’s bounty in all its dazzling glory. I’ve always intended that my cuisine should build a bridge between vegans and non-vegans. And given Ma…and The Seeds of Life’s location and our stylish interiors, I’m confident it will become a destination for today’s smart diners who treasure their health and the environment, and who demand exciting new experiences in a more caring world.”

Celebrate the Season of Jolly with Exquisite Vegan Delicacy

To welcome the festive season, Chef Tina Barrat has specially curated an ultimate 5-course Christmas menu which is available for diners to indulge in from 15 till 31 December 2020. The special menu features the signature Faux-gras, King Oyster Scallop, the immaculately put together vegan cheese and more delectable dishes.

Address: Shop No.11, 1/F, H18 Conet, 23 Graham Street, Central
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

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