Global luxury fashion destination MATCHESFASHION launches The Responsible Edit, an online hub where its customers can discover brands sharing their commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices.

Culminating in over two years of work with their partner Eco-Age,the edit was born out of MATCHESFASHION’s continued commitment to making luxury retail more sustainable and, in particular, the implementation and growth of their internal Sustainability Survey project. Launched in2018, the survey was built with the intention of understanding, encouraging, and collaborating with their brand partners to create positive and transparent change for a more sustainable fashion industry. This carefully curated and constantly evolving edit features more than 200 brands so far,with all of them falling into at least one or more of MATCHESFASHION’S four key Responsible Pillars (Artisans, People, Charity and Materials)

Jess Christie Chief Brand Officer at MATCHESFASHION explains: ‘‘Our responsibility is to enable our customers to shop fashion, which they love, in a more considered way. Nearly 70% of our customers say that they try to live their lives as sustainably as possible – a response that is impossible to ignore. If you think about this in terms of our brand’s responsibility–to our customers, brands and employees, you can start to make incremental changes.”

Each brand featured in The Responsible Edit must meet a set of essential requirements: completing the Sustainability Survey to show how they meet MATCHESFASHION’s values; passing Eco-Age’s assessment; and complying with all social and environmental legal legislation. Finally, brands must meet the criteria of at least one of the four Responsible Pillars: Artisans, People, Charity and Materials.The Sustainability Survey is ongoing, meaning that brands can be continually assessed for inclusion in the Responsible Edit.

Jess Christie explains further: “The Responsible Edit is exciting as it represents a myriad of ways that brands are addressing their social and environmental responsibilities. Whilst some brands maybe featured in more than one pillar, other brands might be championing a very specific area which is central to the ethos and philosophy of their business. The work undertaken in the survey has shown impressive priorities and commitments from brands across a wide range of areas, showing what the term ‘sustainability’ means to them today.”

The four Responsible Pillars:Artisans, People, Charity and Materials.

  1. ARTISANS–brands who champion artisanal manufacturing processes or are engaged in long-term partnerships with organisations such as NEST. More than 50% of a brand’s production team must be made up of artisans and craftspeople for all or specific collections.
  2. CHARITY–brands maintaining long-term partnerships with social enterprises, charities or non-profit organisations, or have created their own long-term community enhancement programmes of charities.
  3. PEOPLE–brands that promote fair work environments, commit to fair trade practices or ensure certified living wages are paid. Brands that include groups that are vulnerable to abuse of human rights throughout their production processes.
  4. MATERIALS–products containing more than 50% lower impact material content, such as responsibly sourced recycled or vintage fabrics and plant-based leather alternatives or organic or natural dyes.

MATCHESFASHION’s commitment to sustainability to date has resulted in various initiatives:

Material Position Statements updated annually, outlining the standards that all products stocked must adhere to.

Buyers Training workshops led by Eco-Age, to help educate buyers about materials and supply chains, covering issues such as modern slavery, living wages, and ways that brands can engage in social and environmental initiatives to ensure they have a positive impact on both the environment and communities.

MATCHESFASHION has updated its iconic marbled customer packaging to feature entirely recycled and low impact materials.

The Matches Mob, now in its third year, is a forward-thinking grassroots employee engagement campaign that focuses on employee wellness, sustainability initiatives and charity partnerships.

Most recently MATCHESFASHION signed up to theFashion Pact, a global alliance of fashion brands committed to collaborating to meet environmental goals. The Fashion Pact’s objectives draw on the Science-Based Targets(SBT1) initiative, which focuses on action in three essential areas for safeguarding the planet:stopping global warming, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans.These commitments are designed to be embraced by every company involved and backed by cross-sector initiatives, along with the deployment of innovation accelerators.

Discover and shop The Responsible edit from 4th March online at