It’s December, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas gifts!
Sometimes it’s not easy to buy something thoughtful and useful. Rumi X just made gifting for your gfs and mom-to-be friends that much easier.

Along with Wanderess Beauty and Flo Jewellery, Rumi X is offering inspiring, eco-gift sets to promote self-love and care for mind and body.

Wanderess Beauty, founded by Chief Wanderess Jessica on the beaches of Bondi, offers the best green beauty products in a box. On a quest to help all to discover the best green beauty products, Wanderess Beauty exists to educate, nurture and promote self care. Loving yourself, your body and the planet creates real beauty!

RUMI X and Wanderess Beauty are launching three gift boxes: The Truthful Conscious Beauty Box, Love Your Body From The Heart, Notorious Lips & Pits. Each gift set includes a complete Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box complete with travel-size products for you to embrace within your mindful beauty rituals.

Each set features treatments tailored to a story of discovery. Love Your Body From The Heart by RUMI X & Wanderess Beauty is a thoughtful combination of RUMI X Heart Leggings + Wanderess Beauty Body Box.
Love Your Body From The Heart by RUMI X & Wanderess Beauty
Notorious Lips & Pits gift set educates us on eco-conscious alternatives to traditional lip balms and how we can go natural with deodorant. Delivered in a Wanderess Beauty gift box and complete with RUMI X Eco Bag, this makes the perfect introduction to those looking to make the switch to green beauty.

Flo Jewellery collaborates with RUMI X combining ethically made and inspiring jewellery gift sets: Oneness with the Universe, Light to Love and Harmonious Pregnancy gifts. Each gift set is complete with a meaningful rose gold or silver necklace paired with an activewear set to complement the deeper meaning of the beautiful jewellery. Each delicate jewellery has its own story to tell, guiding, empowering and elevating the wearer’s spirit.

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” – RUMI X –
To celebrate the inspiring quote from RUMI X, give the Oneness with the Universe gift set to yourself or a loved one. Set includes the RUMI X Universe Sports Bra, Universe Capri Leggings & Flo Jewellery Flower of Life necklace.

Oneness with the Universe Gift Set by RUMI X & Flo Jewellery
“Connect and feel oneness with the universe.” – Flower of Life, Flo Jewellery –
For more information and to view the full Gift Collection, visit from 17 November 2017. Prices start from US$98.