Originated in France five years ago, Festival du Feminin hosts over 17 cities. It’s a two day workshop to empower woman to embrace, discover and rediscover the many aspects in their busy lives. From Nov 25-26, hosted in the tranquil resort in Mui Wo, expect two days full of workshops, talks, panels, practices, pampering, shopping, music, arts, food, dancing and good time. Make new memories, make new friends!

Some of the workshop themes:

1. Women who mean business.
Embracing femininity in a masculine world. Female leadership. Can a modern woman have it all? Intuition, authentic living.
2. Self-improvement.
Self-confidence and simplifying life. Working with childhood mini and major traumas and inner family work. Learning to deal with exhaustion and break-downs.
3. Sex and Sexuality
Exploring and celebrating diverse forms of sexual behaviours. Answering questions no one asks, but everyone googles.Pornography vs.reality.
4. Navigating relationships
Creating healthy, dynamic friendships and partnerships. The science of love – what does modern research say on falling in love and staying in love. From bitchiness to sisterhood. Creating boundaries in relationships. Working with your friend.
5. Body Love.
Learning to trust and work with the body’s natural wisdom, from the life of treatment to prevention.Body confidence from within. Learning how to read body messages. The art of movement.

About Festival du Feminin:
Festival du Feminin is a 2-day busy woman’s weekend get-away at a serene beach resort just 30
minutes from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong stress. Choose from 24 practical workshops,
talks and panel discussions organized in 5 themes:
●Work and Life Skills;
●Sex and Sexuality;
●Body Wisdom;
●Navigating Relationships.

In addition to learning and practicing new skills and new ways of being, you can indulge in
pampering (mani-pedi/head massages etc), one-on-one consultations (nutritionist,
hypnotherapist, essential oils therapist etc), a little shopping and evening live performances.

Tickets available: here

The Closeteur is proud to be a sponsor of this event.

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