Conveniently located at the heart of Hong Kong Island, MOTD Concepts is a conglomerate of private dining and event venue, bringing together the up and coming trend. The name itself has no single meaning – it is Menu of the Day when it’s seated with a room of satisfied diners, Music of the Day when it’s the venue of a music event, and Mood of the Day when it hosts art exhibitions. Not bound by any restrictions, MOTD is whatever you want it to be.

Inspired by the mutable nature of MOTD, not only is that reflected in its name, but also the
choice of interior design elements throughout the space. Composed with three major sections:
the long marble-textured dining table at the center of the main event space, which can cater up to 12 guests at a time, is complemented by a white modernesque dining chairs. A structural wall next to the table is equipped with a refreshment rack for snacks, adjacent to the dining and event area, a lounge is located next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, with a soft color scheme to complement the artistic decorations selected by the owners, it is easily the most
instagrammable spot of all.

It is also worth mentioning that the main colors of MOTD are pink, aquamarine, silver and white. These are also the tones used in the preparation racks, dining tables, chairs, and the venue decorations mentioned earlier. In addition, from the literal form of the letters, ” MOTD “, the square and round structure is also noticeable in the arrangement of the place.

Motive of the day

“MOTD can be anything, a multifunction space to cater for all walks of life. I believe in people
and how people are fundamental to success. Discovering new faces and new opportunities is
our core business model. I am excited to announce it is finally here to welcome you all!”

“MOTD, a movement seeded by imagination & creation across industries, a place to grow novel concepts and allow us to showcase unique moments for our beloved customers.”
Says by the Founders

Menu of the day

Menu of the day means a tasting menu that’s curated by different chefs to provide a private dining experience for MOTD guests. Every month a new private chef will be up for a minimum of 6 nights of culinary showcase and the very first featured chef is Chef Jimmy!

For the first time since MOTD officially opened its doors, Jimmy, who has over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry who mastered in Western cooking techniques, has been invited to be the resident chef for a limited time, and will hold a total of six private, reservation-only French feasts – Le Voyage Orientale. During the month of June, there will be one more chef in-coming for a tasteful Japanese x French cuisine, a 6 courses menu prepared by Chef Kenny.

6 nights is too short? Don’t worry! MOTD is a private dining space that allows book out and venue hire. If you’d like to try Jimmy or any other featured chef’s menu again, MOTD is more than happy to organize and host the night again!

For opening period, MOTD’s operational hour is Monday to Saturday from 10am – 10pm.
Address: 1/F, Union Park Tower, 168 Electric Road
Phone: +852 2335 5333
Whatsapp: +852 6778 9807
Social: @motdconcepts

Le Voyage Orientale

Jimmy has worked for two of The Peninsula Hong Kong’s leading restaurants, Felix, a local pioneer of new European cuisine, and Gaddi’s, a leader in Western French cuisine, for 8 years.
Inspired by the latter’s cuisine concept, Jimmy travelled to England for over 2 years to further his studies and techniques in culinary. After returning to Hong Kong, he decided to establish his own name, which led to the concept of “French-Kong Cuisine”, and insisted on preparing fresh local ingredients with French cooking techniques for a change.

Le Voyage Orientale consists of 6 dishes, all of which are based on ingredients commonly
used in Chinese cuisine, with an innovative twist on multinational cooking techniques.

Winter Melon Soup Based

Broiled Langoustine The appetizer is Broiled Langoustine served with Chinese Winter Melon Soup. The soup base is prepared with dried scallops, octopus, dried flounder, winter melon and mushrooms, and is adorned with marigold leaf oil and essence simmered from the Langoustine shells to enhance the flavor of the dish.

Steamed Daily Market Fish with White Tom Yum Bouillabaisse

A classic French dish, Bouillabaisse, is a traditional Provençal fish stew. A mix of local dollar fish and baby shrimps collected from the market is first boiled then grinded, later simmered at low heat and cooked into a thicker broth. Adding an Oriental touch, Jimmy adds a foamy accompaniment made of white Tom Yum Kung soup to intensify the freshness of Bouillabaisse with the lusciousness of coconut milk

Spring Bamboo Shoots with Beef Tenderloin

For the main course, Jimmy handpicked local beef tenderloin as the star of the menu. Its meat is more tender than foreign beef tenderloin yet still gives off a strong aroma. On the side, the spring bamboo shoots are undoubtedly the most popular ingredient of the season, accompanied by stir-fried sweet potato leaves with Da Hong Pao Tea infused hollandaise sauce, gives this widely popular Western dish a local touch.

Le Voyage Orientale is now opened for reservation, price as follow:
Le Voyage Orientale (Six Courses): HKD $1180

The Palate Recital by Chef Kenny

Sticking to the brand’s DNA, following the footsteps of Chef Jimmy’s reservation-only French
feasts – Le Voyage Orientale hosted last month. The Palate Recital, a new round of French-Japanese cuisine by Chef Kenny, is now officially announced.

Long honed his skills working in the kitchen of a 2-star Michelin Japanese French Restaurant in
Osaka. Kenny was particularly fascinated with the Japanese culinary attitude, be it their respect
for tradition or their persistence in inventing the most sustainable way to handle the finest
ingredients. Kenny breathed life into the traditional cuisine by interpreting the menu with a fine touch of French culinary wisdom, elevating the ever-delicate Japanese dishes to a whole new level.

Harmonizing the frequency between tunes and your palate, Chef Kenny is now offering 9 nights of reservation-only French-Japanese menu, The Palate Recital is now available from the 17th – 19th and 21st – 26th June.

Chef Kenny’s menu will mainly consist of fresh Japanese local ingredients, combined with
exquisite French culinary skills, bringing a new interpretation of the two traditional cuisines. The menu will also feature six dishes, including some of Japan’s most prized ingredients: the award-winning, naturally fed Yamato Pork is one of the highlights of the menu.

Cured Mackerel in Fennel and Green Apple Sauce

Inspired by the traditional Japanese marinated mackerel sushi rolls, Chef Kenny has chosen to reinterpret the main ingredients in a way that is common in French cuisine. The fennel and green apple sauce is garnished with Italian parsley oil to infuse a refreshing, fruity flavor into the fish. It is also worth noting that Kenny wanted the fennel’s own floral aroma to enhance the appetizer with a summery touch, in keeping with the timing of The Palate Recital.

Pan-fried sea bass with honey beans and Gynura bicolor

During his stay in Japan, Chef Kenny visited Kanazawa City, the home of gourmet cuisine, and was introduced to Gynura bicolor, commonly known as Okinawa Spinach, combined with sea bass, which is in season in July, to bring out the essence of the two. Kenny decided to go with the French technique of pan-frying and served with a side dish of turnip to cleanse the taste buds and neutralize the taste.

Pan-seared Yamato Pork Loin in Red Wine Sauce with Purple Chicory

As the name implies, The Palate Recital is supposed to be a symphony of flavors, and a single chord is never enough to make a moving piece. Chef Kenny saved the show for later, combining four main flavors – sweet, bitter, salty and sour – into the main course, pan-seared Yamato Pork Loin in a chicory red wine sauce. For sweetness, the beet paste that
accompanies the dish; for bitterness, the chicory, another common vegetable in Japanese cuisine, which has a slightly more bitter taste than the usual vegetable; for sourness, the special red wine sauce; and for saltiness, the savory aroma of the pure, alpine-raised Yamato Pork itself. The four different flavors are combined to complement one another.

The Palate Recital is now opened for reservation, dates and price as follow:
June 17th – 19th, 21st – 26th
The Palate Recital (Six Courses): HKD $1,180