Which is the key to diminish the appearance of signs of aging? The answer is energy. The skin needs it. But over the passage of time, environment and lifestyle
cause this energy to wane and the signs of aging begin to appear.

Therefore, Natura Bissé launches Diamond Extreme Serum, the ultimate global anti-aging solution. An energizing rejuvenating serum, formulated with our Smart Energy Complex: a powerful infusion of energy for the skin. For extraordinary cosmetic effects, this serum is reinforced with ingredients that complements the skin’s own natural cycles of rebalancing during the day and replenishing at night. The result is flawless, luminous, firmer-looking skin with less visible lines &

With the Diamond Collection’s delicate and unmistakable scent of lavender and
an incredibly silky, fast-absorbing formula, Diamond Extreme Serum becomes a must-have for all ages and gender.

Because the age of your skin is not a question of years but of energy. And the
skin’s energy is the essence of ageless beauty.

About its formula:

The innovative Smart Energy Complex includes, on the one hand, two powerful
ingredients that, when combined, become a true energy powerhouse for the cutis:
Artemia salina, a marine ingredient obtained from plankton capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions, and peony root extract, which helps revive the appearance of the skin.

In order to optimize the energy supplied to the utmost, Smart Energy Complex is
completed with ChronoSkin – an advanced ingredient that contributes to minimizing
the negative effects that altered circadian rhythms can have on the complexion. The
balance of these rhythms – which can be affected by external and lifestyle factors
such as stress, blue light from digital devices, health issues or lack of sleep – is essential for the skin to look its best.


A powerful prebiotic and antioxidant cocktail helps maintain the hydration barrier in perfect condition. At the same time, this effective blend helps reduce the appearance of signs of aging. The skin feels perfectly hydrated and resilient so it can withstand the external aggressions from day-to-day life without losing its beauty.


At night, your skin enters the restorative mode. The cutting-edge duo formed by mastic crystal tear oil—obtained from the drops of resin from a tree from the Greek island of Chios—and the peptide ingredient Peptixyl ProYouth helps skin to recover its youthful-looking appearance. The combination of these two ingredients favors the reduction in the signs of aging, improves the look of firmness and beautifies the facial contours.

Main benefits:

Provides impressive anti-aging results.
Makes the skin feel much more hydrated, supple and full.
Revitalizes and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin.
Increases luminosity.
Gives a much firmer and denser-looking skin.
Helps diminish the look of lines and wrinkles.
Beautifies the facial contour.

How to use it?

Apply two pumps of product morning and night, right after cleansing and toning
your skin and just before applying your moisturizing cream. Remember to distribute
the product well across face, neck and decollete using circular motions until
completely absorbed.


Just after applying Diamond Extreme Serum, stimulate and awaken your skin and your senses by tapping your fingertips on your chin, steadily moving up over the cheeks and up to the forehead. You can increase the speed, paying special attention to the areas of the face that accumulate more tension, such as the jaw. If you have time, you can begin the massage on the décolleté area and move up the neck and face with quick taps until you reach your forehead.


After applying Diamond Extreme Serum, enjoy a relaxing facial massage. Slide the fingers on both hands from the center of your face outwards: first over the forehead and then towards your temples. Next, move your fingers around the entire facial oval, from the chin up (for greater relaxation, you can extend each motion up to the scalp). Press lightly with your fingertips as you complete each motion. To finish, press your forehead and chin with open palms then repeat on the sides of your face.
Now you’re ready for a good night’s rest.

The science that inspires us


When our body faces adverse conditions and experiences stress due to a lack of nutrients or oxygen, it begins to send “self-destruct” signals to our cells. This triggers autophagy, the process by which the cells “sacrifice” a part of themselves that are in a poor state in order to produce energy and survive. This mechanism is called autophagy and provides our body with the fuel to generate new energy.
This auto-recycling occurs in the mitochondria, the cellular organelles responsible for generating the energy that the cell needs to perform its functions, such as producing collagen and elastin or neutralizing free radicals. The scientist who discovered this mechanism, Yoshinori Ohsumi, won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2016.


Chronocosmetics is the application in the beauty sector of chronobiology, a discipline that studies the biological rhythms of living organisms and how these affect the functions of the body. In 2017, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their research into this very field.

The stimulus that awakens, activates and transforms. The force that leads to action and drives all of existence. The power that gives life… to our skin as well.