Nespresso announces the opening of an innovative new concept Boutique in Hong
Kong. The first in-mall Nespresso Boutique in Asia to launch this concept, the new Nespresso ifc
Boutique surrounds guests in an immersive coffee experience allowing for deeper learning and coffee exploration. This unique and brand-expansive concept first launched in Cannes, France last year and is now being rolled out globally. Throughout the Boutique, visitors will experience elements that reflect Nespresso’s strong commitment to sustainability, recycling of used Nespresso capsules and adherence to a circular economy – one that is restorative by nature and works to minimise waste through careful design.



A New Immersive Ultimate Coffee Experience
The new Nespresso Boutique concept centres around five key principles:
1) Offering a streamlined holistic customer journey through carefully sequenced areas
2) Celebrating coffee moments with bespoke coffee rituals
3) Utilising new architectural codes for a warm and cosy yet premium atmosphere
4) Expressing a sustainability statement that reinforces the Nespresso ambition to become the
highest quality and most sustainable coffee brand in the world
5) Integrating a seamless physical-to-digital ecosystem to connect mobile sales with the retail
destination, including a smart virtual queuing system and digital coffee selectors, to deliver an
effortless purchase experience

By combining all of these elements, the retail experience becomes fully immersive for customers all over the globe as they discover the Nespresso coffee world in a new enhanced way.  The new Boutique features elements that demonstrate the Nespresso commitment to sustainability
with table-tops made of used coffee grounds from the Nespresso factory in Switzerland, wood that has been sourced from reforestation programmes and a capsule recycling collection point.
In addition to a dedication to sustainability, the new Boutique concept is also a true celebration of
coffee and its origins. Every detail has been carefully designed to link to coffee, from the muted colour palette of rich coffee browns and crema-inspired golds, to the floor tiles and lamps that echo those used on coffee farms. With lush green spaces featuring coffee plants, bushes and shade trees, the Boutique space pays homage to the coffee plantations of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program.



“We’re delighted to unveil the first new Boutique concept in Asia and create a new retail experience for our Club Members where our commitment to quality and sustainability is at the heart of the journey,” says Ms. Lai Ching Kok, Country Manager of Nespresso Hong Kong and Macau. “With our expertise, new innovative processes and cutting edge operational technology, Nespresso will be able to provide elevated customer services and the ultimate coffee moments to guests all over the globe.  The new Boutique concept has also created the opportunity to transform our employees into highly empowered brand ambassadors. We look forward to developing even closer relationships with our Club Members and inviting even more coffee lovers into the world of Nespresso through this new experiential journey.”



The Nespresso Discovery Journey
The new ifc Boutique offers a contemporary and luminous space that spans 2,016 square feet and invites guests to explore new coffee tasting rituals. The new experiences include:

A Sensorial Welcome: Upon entering the Boutique, guests are greeted by a Welcome
Manager to assist with their needs and to show them designated areas. The Welcome
Manager introduces guests to the vast range of coffees by helping them discover their aromas
and get hands-on with the coffee grounds inside a capsule before finishing with a tasting

Coffee Tasting: Guests who wish to try a coffee are able to taste the selected coffee of the
day at the New New’s Table.

Discovery at the Bar: Guests who wish to buy coffee or a coffee machine will be escorted to
the Discovery Table or the Via Appia Table where a Coffee Specialist will assist the customer
with coffee tasting, machine recommendations and their transaction. Here, guests can better
understand their taste preferences and explore the full range of 24 Nespresso coffee flavors,
as well as learn more about smart and easy-to-use Nespresso machines and their
accompanying accessories.

Learning at the Atelier Table: Club Members who wish to expand their knowledge even
further can engage with the Coffee Bard to experiment with coffee recipes and personalise
their coffee experience through different Nespresso machines. From lattes with the perfect
milk foam to unique coffee creations, Club Members will learn how to expertly elevate their
usual coffee moments at home and make them extraordinary.

Capsule Recycling Collection Point: Located at the front of the Boutique is the Capsule
Recycling Point where Club Members can easily drop off their used coffee capsules for
The new Nespresso Boutique concept and open format was designed by award winning architecture and interior design practice, Universal Design Studio which was founded by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.


Nespresso in Hong Kong:
Nespresso ifc Boutique
Shop 1058, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central