To inspire Club Members to be part of its journey to sustainability, Nespresso has launched global and local initiatives to encourage capsule recycling and raise awareness of the benefits of responsible consumption – starting with a sustainability pop-up in Elements with the theme “The Capsule Journey”, and a new bike collection launch in collaboration with Swedish lifestyle bicycle brand, Vélosophy.


Leading the way with its commitment to recycling, as a global initiative, Nespresso has teamed up with Swedish lifestyle bicycle brand Vélosophy this year to create stylish city bikes made from recycled aluminium coffee capsules. The result is RE:CYCLE – a perfect balance of sustainability, style and innovation, designed to illustrate the potential of recyclable aluminium and to inspire customers to recycle their capsules. Reflecting the shared ethos of tasteful and meaningful living, the partnership will see 1,000 RE:CYCLE bikes created and available worldwide.

A reimagination of Vélosophy’s classic model, the RE:CYCLE bike will be in bright purple – made of Nespresso’s popular Arpeggio coffee capsule. Equipped with an orange capsule-shaped bell made with Livanto coffee capsules, the bike features a cup-holder basket so riders can enjoy their favorite drink on the go. RE:CYCLE also gives you the choice to take a greener mode of transport.

Beginning 12th August 2019, RE:CYCLE bikes will be available exclusively from Vélosophy’s ecommerce platform, priced at HK$12,900 (plus shipping). In Hong Kong, 10 RE:CYCLE bikes will be available through various channels including charity and design auctions, and via media giveaways. Stay tuned for updates on the Nespresso Hong Kong Facebook.

Hong Kong’s First Nespresso Sustainability Pop-Up“The Capsule Journey”

To showcase the recycling and sustainability initiatives, for the first time, Nespresso Hong Kong launches “The Capsule Journey”, a pop-up exhibition dedicated to educating and advocating these messages to Club Members and the public. From 4th  to 11th August 2019 at Elements mall, visitors can explore the capsule recycling journey and discover more about the Nespresso sustainability process from bean to cup. Designed with three zones, the pop-up showcases the i) AAA Sustainable Quality™ Programme and how it helps farmers’ productivity and welfare, ii) the recycled aluminium recreated as second life products, and iii) the recycled coffee grounds repurposed as compost. Here, guests can go behind the scenes to understand the full circle of life of the coffee cherry as well as the aluminium capsule, and how they can take a step towards sustainable living by participating in capsule recycling. 

In addition, a number of educational and interactive workshops will be hosted at the Nespresso pop-up, including Coffee Masterclasses, Herb Planting and Aluminium Upcycling workshops. Guests can learn the sustainability processes behind each coffee origin as they learn also about coffee appreciation. Try your hand at DIY planting using the natural and recyclable pots – led by personnel from Nespresso’s local partner farm, who will share how coffee compost is handled. Those who want to get crafty can join the aluminium workshop to create your own piece of artwork and accessory out of recycled Nespresso capsules. Enrol in workshops via the Nespresso Hong Kong Facebook page.

The Capsule Recycling Journey in Hong Kong

Once collected by Nespresso, used capsules in Hong Kong are taken to a local recycling plant where the aluminium is separated from the coffee residue. The aluminium is sent to a scrap metal collector for re-melting into recycled aluminium, while the coffee grounds are taken to the Nespresso Farm in Sheung Shui to be repurposed as natural compost. Rich in nitrogen, the Nespresso coffee grounds fertilize the soil to grow fruits and vegetables. 

Every month, Nespresso donates the harvest to food rescue and assistance charity Food Angel, who turns these vegetables into hot meals for the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong. Nespresso also donates all proceeds from every recycling bag (HK$0.5 each) sold to Club Members to Food Angel. 

The Nespresso capsule recycling system makes it as easy as possible for Club Members to return their used capsules. Simply drop off your used capsules at any Nespresso Boutique or use the [email protected] service – a doorstep collection system where used capsules are picked up when a new order is delivered. 

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