This holiday season, Nespresso opens its Casa Nespresso doors, welcoming coffee lovers all over the world to explore the perfect gifts for the festive celebration. Christmas is a season for generosity and indulgence, and there is no better time to show your appreciation to loved ones with a thoughtful gift. This holiday, the brand is also launching Gifting Friday for the first time to join hands with consumers to give back to nature through supporting local tree planting. Whether you’re writing your own wish list or wanting to surprise your nearest and dearest while making the world greener, Casa Nespresso will be sure to inspire, surprise and delight this holiday.

To celebrate, Nespresso launches its Variations Italia Limited Edition coffee range. Inspired by the traditions of Italy, Nespresso’s Variations Italia pays homage to true Italian hospitality, celebrating those warm and loving moments spent with family and friends during the holidays. This year’s festive coffee trio includes two flavoured coffees influenced by the traditional Italian sweet treats hazelnut cake and amaretti, and one non-flavoured coffee. To enjoy the festivities in style, Nespresso also presents a range of accessories including the new Nespresso Festive Advent Calendar, the sleek Lume cup set collection, Limited Edition TOUCH Travel Mug and the Café Absolu scented candle.

“Gifting Friday” – Nespresso invites coffee lovers to give back to nature together

Nespresso also presents their “Gifting Friday” instead of Black Friday this year to make this holiday season even more meaningful. Following the recent 2022 global carbon neutrality announcement by the brand, Nespresso takes the lead in Hong Kong to locally plant 150 trees and to offset 400 tonnes of carbon emissions by 2021. Hoping to invite the public to be part of the movement and give back to nature, Nespresso also commits to donating HK$10 for each selected coffee sleeve (of the Variations Italia and Barista Creations flavoured range) sold from 27 to 30 November 2020 to the World Green Organisation (WGO) to support more tree planting. WGO is a Hong Kong-based independent NGO who is committed to environmental conservation through activations including tree planting and sustainability workshops for corporates. Through this, Nespresso hopes to celebrate the season of gifting whilst giving back to the community and the environment as part of their commitment to sustainability.

Delight your taste buds with the Nespresso Variations Italia coffee range

Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour

Amaretti are traditional Italian biscuits made using ground almonds, egg whites and sugar, giving them their unmistakable bittersweet taste. Coffee lovers can expect almond and vanilla aromas layered with lingering cereal characters from the South
American Arabicas, finishing with fruity notes.

Variations Italia Torta di Nocciole Flavour

Much like the iconic hazelnut cake from Piedmont in northwestern Italy, this flavoured
coffee features lasting cereal notes from the South American Arabicas with hints of toasted hazelnut and vanilla.

Il Caffè

Il Caffè takes you right to the heart of the classic Italian espresso experience. Vietnamese and Indonesian washed Robustas combined with Colombian Arabicas deliver a smooth, velvety body and roasted cereal aromas.

Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour, Variations Italia Torta di Nicciole Flavour and Il Caffè are priced at HK$67 per sleeve (10 capsules) and will be available from 2 November 2020 until stocks last.

Discover the latest accessories from Casa Nespresso to complete your coffee moment

Along with the new indulgent coffee range, Nespresso has also launched a range of coffee and homeware accessories that elevate your coffee moment and make for delightful gifts this holiday season.

A Festive Coffee Countdown
With Nespresso’s 2020 Variations Italia Advent Calendar (HK$350), coffee fans can look forward to and unveil their favourite Nespresso coffee each day starting December 1 to 23, and end with a surprise gift on Christmas Eve! With its packaging shaped like the Italian Panettone (an iconic Milanese sweet bread enjoyed during the festive season), this advent calendar will bring excitement to any coffee loving household for the month of Christmas.

Celebrate and entertain with Alessi x Nespresso
Nespresso joins hands with iconic Italian design brand Alessi to co-create the limited edition Double bowl designed for hosting and entertaining loved ones this holiday. Made of stainless steel and featuring a granulated finish that pays homage to an ancient goldsmithing technique, the limited edition Double bowl (HK$850) is a centrepiece for every in-home celebration in mind.

Nespresso Lume Collection
Timeless and organic, the Lume Collection is a refreshing twist on the traditional white porcelain coffee cup set. “Lume”, meaning light in Italian, is what Milanese designer Federica Biasi aims to portray through this collection. The delicate design and white matte finish create a touch of luxury and bring a sense of cosiness and warmth, creating a true moment of coffee indulgence and making it a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

The new Lume Collection comes in three sizes, from Espresso (80ml), Cappuccino (180ml) to Lungo (180ml) and is priced starting from HK$200 to HK$240.

A holiday on the go with Nespresso’s Limited Edition TOUCH Travel Mug
For coffee lovers who just don’t stop, the Nespresso Limited Edition TOUCH Travel Mug is the ideal companion for any journey. This stylish laser-engraved mug featuring double insulation will keep your Nespresso coffee warm – or cold, whichever way you prefer it. The Limited Edition TOUCH Travel Mug is available with a complimentary set of Nespresso Notebooks with the purchase of any 20 coffee sleeves. Purchase any 25 coffee sleeves to receive this Travel Mug along with a complimentary set of Nespresso Notebooks and a Nespresso Café Absolu scented candle.

A gift for you, a gift for me

Relax and unwind with the Nespresso Café Absolu scented candle
To create an ambience for deeper relaxation, Nespresso has also collaborated with French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti to create the exclusive Café Absolu scented candle. The candle aroma exudes hints of coffee, cocoa and woody notes with a lingering scent of vanilla, creating a cosy and warm atmosphere perfect for unwinding. Purchase any 15 coffee sleeves to receive the Café Absolu scented candle.

Gift your loved ones or treat yourself to the perfect coffee moment with a coffee machine that suits your taste and style preference this holiday season. From 1 December 2020 to 10 January 2021, Nespresso offers 15% off selected machines including the Essenza Plus and Creatista Plus, as well as HK$200 off the Aeroccino4.

Pick from our FESTIVE Limited Edition coffee sleeve assortments and choose from a mixed, mild or intense selection:

Explore Casa Nespresso this festive holiday by visiting the Nespresso Boutiques, online platform at or get in touch with the Nespresso Customer Service Hotline (8101 1007).