One Plus One plus celebrates Christmas with the release of our all-new Giftset featuring
brands vomFass, Bodhi Herb Flower Daily, Cupping Room, Proust and Hexapi Honey. All
the Christmas love and cheer packed into a single handheld bag, for only $1180, available
now at our online store –

The giftset includes Apple Balsamic Vinegar from vomFass, full of flavour yet with zero
preservatives or extra flavouring. Its unique sweet-sour taste is perfect for boosting your
immune system, one spoon a day, doctors away. Complement this with another vomFass
special – Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil to add flair and freshness to your salad and cooking.

But a meal is only half as good as its ambiance and setting. Set the mood with a “Crush”
Candle from Proust and soak in its aromas. Pair this with a Palo Santo Smudge Stick &
Crystal Bundle or a one-hundred percent real and sustainably grown Pine Christmas Tree
from Bodhi Herb Flower Daily for a truly memorable Christmas candlelit dinner.

For the sweet tooths the giftset also comes with a jar of One Plus One x Hexapi Honey
Golden Honey Bee Bear gummies, made with unprocessed, all-natural honey delivered
straight from the comb. Packed full with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and more, this
candy is the perfect treat for young children – and adults too!

This cylindrical reusable box also features the newly released One Plus One x Cupping Room
Bespoke Premium Blend artisanal coffee. Made from the finest Colombian and Ethiopian
beans, this blend features an unique light, tangy taste and perfume-like fragrance.

Helen Ma created One Plus One as a one-stop destination for excellent lifestyle choices and
product curation. We continue her vision this Christmas by partnering with those who share
our core beliefs of sustainability, wholesomeness and women and empowerment to make the
perfect holiday gift.

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