OSIM, the global leader in health and wellness products, today announces the launch of the OSIM uLove 3 – a new revolutionary wellbeing chair that measures and manages stress using cutting-edge Stress Analysis technology with an all new health index. Going above and beyond the capabilities of a traditional massage chair, it
analyses stress levels and recommends personalised stress relief formulas to reduce
muscle tension and alleviate mental stress. Combining advanced technology and
world-class design, OSIM has collaborated with internationally renowned Italian design house Pininfarina to meticulously create the OSIM uLove 3 – bringing innovation and style into your home interiors.

AI Stress Analysis Technology Powered by Psychological Science

Hong Kongers are faced with the pressures of life on a daily basis. According to a study by esteemed psychologist at the Hong Kong Society of Counselling and Psychology, Dr. Stanley Chung Chi Yuen, most Hong Kongers are unaware of and have often underestimated the amount of pressure they are subjected to. Stress activates our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and triggers internal stress responses including increased heart rate, shortness of breath and tensed muscles to power the fight or flight response. Prolonged exposure to high stress levels can also lead to insomnia, fatigue, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

The OSIM uLove 3 analyses stress levels using Stress Analysis technology created in
partnership with Neurosky, the American manufacturer of brain-computer interface
technologies, and Dr. Thomas Burdon, professor of cardiothoracic surgery at Stanford University. Embedded in the arms of the OSIM uLove 3 are biosensors designed with the curvature of the human palm in mind. Using highly advanced electrocardiogram technology (ECG), these biosensors accurately evaluate your stress levels through measuring the heart rate, respiratory rate and heart rate variability (HRV) in just under a minute. It then determines your Body Tension Score using a biometric algorithm, and recommends a tailor-made stress relief formula to suit your needs. Machine learning enables the algorithm to improve the accuracy of your Body Tension Score over time.

A Good Night’s Sleep with OSIM uLove 3

According to Dr. Stanley Chung Chi Yuen, mindfulness is imperative when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety. Meditation and breathing exercises are particularly effective when practised properly. “With correct diaphragmatic breathing, you fully engage your abdominal muscles to expand on inhalation and contract on exhalation,” he says. “This method of breathing reduces carbon dioxide levels in our blood and keeps neurotransmitters in the brain at a steady level”. In addition, he corroborates that warmth also helps to relieve stress by inducing a sense of security. The OSIM uLove 3 also features a Sleep Mode with guided breathing exercises to help you unwind, reduce anxiety and lead you to restful sleep. Equipped with heating technology, it wraps your entire back and calf with warm, comforting heat to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness.

Customised Stress Relief for All

OSIM uLove 3 offers targeted stress relief and massage programs for all age groups and incorporates 12 upgraded versions of OSIM’s patented massage technology. The V-Hand™ Plus massage is a further improvement on OSIM’s patented V-Hand massage – it simulates the agile hands of a masseuse by using gentle grasping and soft pinching movements to relieve deep muscle soreness. It also features upgraded 720-degree massage rollers that move smoothly along the body’s curves. In addition, the 4-Hand™ Plus massage consists of four sets of massage rollers to mimic the realistic hand movements of two professional masseuses – massaging your upper and lower body simultaneously for the ultimate full-body relaxation. The patented foot width adjustment and reflex kneading conform to different body shapes and thoroughly massage the legs, while the smart headrest better supports your neck during the massage experience. Dr. Stanley Chung Chi Yuen adds, “applying pressure to the muscles releases oxytocin in the brain, thereby relieving tension and anxiety while regulating the stress hormone cortisol.”

12 Patented Technologies featured in the OSIM uLove 3

Patented headrest for better neck support

Patented V-Hand™ Plus with 720° roller balls that simulate the hands of a masseuse to knead away neck and shoulder muscle knots

Patent-pending 4-Hand™ Plus technology to massage your upper and lower body concurrently

Patented Body-Warmth Technology to provide warmth for the back

Patented Body-Warmth Technology to provide warmth for the legs

Patent-pending AI Stress Analysis algorithm to measure body tension and other indicators of well-being

Patented Leg-Reflex calf kneading and foot rollers for a powerful full leg massage

Patented convertible ottoman and leg massager for versatile usage

3D Surround Sound Speakers for an immersive audio experience

Upgraded airbag & kneading massage technology for a seamless massage experience

Patented new program download technology to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of your whole family

Designed by world’s leading luxury product designer Pininfarina, the sports
car-inspired design features sleek lines that perfectly complement any contemporary living space.

Bold and Contemporary Design by Pininfarina

The OSIM uLove 3 is created in collaboration with Pininfarina, one of the world’s leading luxury product designers best known for its Ferrari designs. Embodying Italian design excellence, the uLove 3 is reminiscent of a world-class sports car with sleek lines and stunning light and shadow effects, forming a lunar crescent when viewed from the side. When adjusted to reclining mode, the uLove 3 uses the traditional sports car seat design to minimise the living space used. The configuration buttons on the chair also take inspiration from the design of those featured in some of the world’s top sports cars.

Available in three stylish hues – Classic Brown, Legendary Red and Gentleman Black – the OSIM uLove 3 evokes a sense of extravagance, perfectly complementing any contemporary living space.

Digital Innovation for a Personalised Well-being Experience

The OSIM uLove 3 features a NFC touchpoint for quick access to the OSIM app. Simply tap your smart device on the uLove 3’s NFC tag to download the OSIM well-being app. Open the app for full control of the chair and free downloads of regularly updated massage programs. The OSIM Well-being app also tracks your stress index, heart rate and breathing rate, allowing you to track and monitor your stress levels and physical and mental health over time. The entertainment stand, USB charging function and speakers with 3D surround sound ensure a comfortable and stress-free well-being experience.

Experience the OSIM uLove 3 well-being chair, now available at select OSIM stores around Hong Kong and www.osim.com.hk.

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