Inspired by this chance to make change, Nu/Age is just that, a New Age. With the world
in flux finally there’s a moment to reflect on what’s important and what absences are
missed and what we don’t want back in our lives. And hope for a better world.

Nu/Age is also nuage, the French word for cloud. Feeling the space and air of the
sky gives the idea that this New Age can be one of positivity and environmental

SS21 has focused on what P.A.M. does best. The collection has been refined and
edited to give the most clear and considered offering. It’s always important for us
to communicate a message. In this case it’s one of hope and human connection.
Graphics talk about post-human evolution: we are evolving and things are changing
rapidly. Instability is a guarantee… so let us find stability within ourselves and give value to community and collectivity. All t-shirts and sweats continue to use 100% organic cotton.

Mutations and evolutions are something we welcome, this season you will find new
silhouettes and fits to expand the vocabulary of P.A.M. for the Nu/Age.

P.A.M. ‘Gesture’ flowers are distorted as movement speeds up and things are mutating.
Frogs take time to contemplate the sky. Global ‘hi-fives’ inspired by the Art of Noise’s
“Moments in Love” share space with clouds, and logos that taste like ginseng. Pagan
tales tell of connection to nature, to music. Shapes are comfortable, silhouettes
loose and breezy. This collection is about action, both mental and physical, allowing
us to move freely within ourselves and transcend into the next level of post-human

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