The idea of the genetic mix – a relentless and ever extensive shifting of codes – permeates the Palm Angels mindset. In defining the identity of the brand through the straightforward materiality of urban-attuned clothing, Francesco Ragazzi follows a unique yet simple method: he switches fabrics, volumes or details, turning the familiar into something surprising, never forsaking function. Missoni, one of the longest standing Italian brands, the purveyor of an ever evolving, imaginative yet easy aesthetic, is multicultural by definition: freely mixing patterns and shapes, endlessly crossing borders under the guidance of Angela Missoni.

The merging of Palm Angels and Missoni happens naturally, but also unexpectedly. It is a fusion of codes that follows an irreverent agenda and moves within the exciting frame of first-class Italian knowhow. Doing things with a certain finesse is mandatory for Ragazzi. So is for Missoni, a landmark of Italian craft.

By twisting the very Missoni idea of the put together – a freewheeling mix of this and that, of patterns and lengths, of colors, volumes and shapes – Missoni and Palm Angels are put together in a tropical-flavored clash, smudging spray paint and sharp, boxy tailoring all around, creating an altogether new entity in which echoes of both vocabularies are perceived. The approach is at once respectful and irreverent, fueled by a fast and furious foray into the Missoni archives that prompted a pillaging of trims, oval-shaped logos that eventually turned into shoulder bags, and blown up patterns and jacquards.

Palm Angels x Missoni is Missoni shoved into the metropolitan accelerator, with an urban safari feel. Tracksuits and zip-up cardigans come in Missoni patterns, while on hooded sweatshirts the intervention might be limited to a multicolor hood string, or a waistband. Spray smudges multiply on sweatshirts and oversized t-shirts that double as dresses. Trousers and skirts are straight and loose. Berets, sneakers, sandals and totes intensify the subcultural flavor.

Throughout the collection, the Missoni pictorial ethos is sharpened up, turning into an urban anthem with an aggregative feel. It’s a glitch that gives life to something completely new.

“Missoni is an authentic landmark of Italian creation and artisanal know-how. With this collaboration we wanted to offer a different take, my own take actually, on the Missoni heritage. A fusion of both DNAs, with an urban, relaxed feel” says Francesco Ragazzi.

“I have been drawn to Francesco’s work with Palm Angels from the very beginning, for its unique energy. My parents founded Missoni on an open mindset: a pioneering spirit which I brought forward through all the collaborations I developed over the years. I am particularly proud of how fresh and spontaneous the dialogue with Palm Angels came out” says Angela Missoni.

Available from June 30th on,, Palm Angels and Missoni stores and Palm Angels selected wholesale clients.

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