The home gardening and horticulture scene has been steadily blooming over the past few years as more locals are turning to houseplants as a means to inject greenery into their personal spaces from bedrooms to office cubicles. However, taking care of plants is not always
easy in an indoor environment with a variety of challenges faced, from insufficient light to
insufficient nutrients. The regular applications of fertilisers and pesticides to keep their plants in good shape also proved to be a time consuming task for many. In addition, many of these
solutions contain chemicals that can be harmful to one’s personal health.

Introducing Plantonic, quite literally a tonic of indoor plants, designed to be an all-natural and
non-toxic fertiliser and soil revitaliser. It also serves as a natural pest repellent and prevents
fungal infections, by boosting the plant’s immunity. Plantonic is a category game-changer,
providing the first non-toxic all-in-all product offered in the market.

The product is developed by Singaporean Eric Tan, Chief Executive Officer and founder of
Plantonic. He was inspired to develop Plantonic after travelling around the globe in search of
safer and more sustainable agricultural solutions. As a keen proponent of using the healing
power of nature itself to nourish plants and greens, he was driven to introduce an alternative to the harmful chemical fertilisers commonly used in agricultural industries, to keep plants healthy.

“Combining the farming knowledge I have gained from this region with Ayurvedic principles, Plantonic is designed without the use of harmful chemicals. The ingredients in Plantonic have been used for centuries by people globally to promote healing – and I believe, plants can be
treated the same with the healing force of nature itself”, Eric Tan.

The product’s key ingredients include:

Shilajit: A substance formed from the decomposition of plants that is commonly found in the
Himalayan mountains, shilajit is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and contains natural
antibacterial properties

Seaweed: Rich in nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen, seaweed has been shown to stimulate plant growth

Ginseng Root: A common feature in traditional medicine, ginseng root also helps to boost plants’ immune systems

Fruit Peel: Consisting of vital soil-revitalising nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus,
and sodium, fruit peels act as an effective natural fertiliser

Seed Extract: With its antimicrobial compounds, this extract helps plants fend off infections

Tea Leaves: The tannic acid found in tea leaves helps to improve soil quality

Plantonic has been extensively tested on a variety of plants from fruiting trees to vegetables and ornamental foliage plants, making it suitable for organic farming and organic gardening. Notable effects can generally be observed within one month of regular use, and these include visibly greener leaves, robust plant growth, and quicker fruiting of trees

Plantonic is now available in Hong Kong on HKTVMALL and will soon be accessible at EESE by i.t apparels Limited & leading supermarkets.

About Plantonic
Plantonic specialises in creating revolutionary household products that are crafted from natural
and non-toxic ingredients. Founded in 2019, the Singapore-based brand’s mission is to “Treat
Nature, With Nature”, with its products taking inspiration from nature itself. Plantonic aims to
offer consumers in the Asian region greater choice in environmentally-friendly products that are both safe and sustainable. Its signature product, also dubbed Plantonic, is a 4-in-1 plant-based fertiliser that nourishes plants while preventing common pests and diseases — the world’s first product of its kind. Plantonic is a registered trademark under Plantonic Singapore Pte Ltd, a Singaporean organisation that develops, markets, and sells horticulture and personal care products across the Asian region. To find out more about Plantonic’s healing approach to nature, go to

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