As the old Chinese saying goes, “A good beginning is halfway to success”. This
Lunar New Year, Nespresso wishes to offer moments of delight simply with good coffee to begin each day right. In addition to festive gift offerings with selected coffee machine promotions and handpicked coffee assortments, Nespresso will also be unveiling a new coffee: World Explorations Shanghai Lungo – that will bring new flavours to wonderful coffee moments savored with friends and family this holiday. These will be accompanied by two heartwarming and auspicious coffee recipes -House with Treasures and Everything Goes Well – as well as Lunar New Year coffee assortments and red packets adorned with a beautiful paper-cutting inspired motif.

Inspired by the paper cutting art often used to decorate walls, windows and doors to express well wishes during Lunar New Year, Nespresso has created an elegant paper-cutting motif that marries traditional and modern design, signifying perseverance, prosperity and a fresh new start. It symbolizes the unparalleled craftsmanship and detail that goes into the journey of every coffee from bean to cup, cumulating in the
ultimate coffee experience.

Nespresso World Explorations Shanghai Lungo

A first for Nespresso, this Lunar New Year the brand is launching a new coffee, the World Explorations Shanghai Lungo. As the first coffee to be launched as part of the upcoming Nespresso World Explorations range – a collection of Lungo coffees inspired by the local coffee traditions and cultures from around the world – the Shanghai Lungo is a dynamic blend that symbolizes modern tradition.

Coffee has been cultivated in China for centuries and in recent years Shanghai has developed one of the most vibrant coffee scenes in the world. World Explorations Shanghai Lungo is an insight into this coffee culture, with a distinctive light-roast blend of Arabicas from Yunan, China, Kenya, and Indonesia, designed to please the palate with its smoothness and fine berry notes.

Launching as a permanent coffee on 11 January 2021, World Explorations Shanghai Lungo is priced at HK$42 per sleeve (10 capsules) and will make a timely gift to celebrate this Lunar New Year with its connection to Chinese coffee culture.

Profile: Fruity with fine acidity
Description: Chinese Arabica beans deliver a delicate, creamy body.
Together with the Kenyan Arabicas, it presents a sweet red fruit
note while the Indonesian beans add a touch of wood spice. A
lighter medium roast is used to keep the aromas intact.
Intensity: 5
How to enjoy: Like a local – add a dash of milk and take it on-the-go

Delightful Coffee Recipes for an Auspicious Start to the New Year

To celebrate Lunar New Year, Nespresso shares two festive recipes – House with Treasures and Everything Goes Well – that add a bit of zest and good fortune to the new year.

House with Treasures Recipe
A tasty yet healthy beverage featuring oat milk, ginger and black
● 1 Nespresso Ispirazione Venezia capsule
● 10ml black sugar syrup (brown sugar syrup optional)
● 120ml oat milk
● Ginger
● Caster sugar
● Cocoa powderLine the top edge of the cup with water and dip in caster sugar

Pour 10ml black sugar syrup and a few drops of ginger juice into glass
Froth oat milk in Aeroccino and pour into cup
Extract 40ml espresso with Nespresso Ispirazione Venezia
Sprinkle with cocoa powder

Everything Goes Well Recipe
A refreshing iced beverage with zesty orange and white peach
● 1 Nespresso World Explorations Shanghai Lungo capsule
● 20ml white peach syrup
● 80ml orange juice
● Orange peel
● 4 ice cubesAdd white peach syrup into recipe glass

Add ice cubes
Pour in orange juice
Extract 110ml Shanghai Lungo coffee into the glass
Garnish with orange peel

Lunar New Year Gifts for Gourmet Coffee Lovers

Give your loved ones the gift of exceptional coffee moments at home this Lunar New Year. Nespresso offers an array of exceptional gift options for the season, including offers on select machines and festive coffee sleeve assortments from 18 January to 17 February 2021.

Lucky Lai See

This year Nespresso has created red packets inspired by the traditional Chinese art of paper-cutting with a twist of contemporary design. Receive a complimentary set of Nespresso red packets (8 pcs per set) upon spending of HK$250.